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The bishopric of Salamanca not only moved Francisco Carreras from town to town for two decades, the Spanish priest expelled from the archdiocese of Miami in 1981 after a report of abuses and sent back to his province, He also assigned him as a teacher to two public schools in the city. Carreras, from whose background the bishopric was informed from the USA and that in one of the subsequent denunciations was defined as "sexual predator", has been accused by three victims located by EL PAÍS in Sequeros and Calzada de Valdunciel. Now it comes to light, as confirmed by five former students and a former teacher, who was also a professor of religion at the Campo Charro school, between the eighties and nineties, and Rufino Blanco, in the nineties and until 2000. Until now it only consisted of his passage through the private center Lorenzo Milani.

The bishopric of Salamanca, that a month after the information of EL PAÍS has not yet given explanations about the case, also refuses to clarify his stage of professor. The bishops in this period were Mauro Rubio, deceased; Braulio Rodríguez, today archbishop of Toledo; and the current one, Carlos López. In 2011, before the first news of complaints from the United States, the bishopric defended his career as "irreproachable".

The directors of the two schools of Salamanca respond that they do not have files to consult it and there is no professor of those years to make inquiries. Carreras, who received two complaints in the United States in 2002 and 2011 for accusations of abuse during his stay in that country, he currently lives in a small sanctuary in the province, in Horcajo Medianero. Located by this newspaper, he refused to make statements and insulted the editor.

The Benedictines deny that it is of their order: "He is not a friar, he only disguises himself as a friar"

Francisco Carreras has been dressed for decades as a Benedictine friar, with a dark habit and hood. He has even given interviews in the local press telling of his dedication to the order in a shelter for people without resources that he managed in the 2000s next to the Bernardas convent. Right now he lives like a friar in the sanctuary of Valdejimena. But the reality is that he is not a Benedictine, he only disguises himself as a monk. This newspaper has contacted three of the main monasteries of the order in Spain -Silos, Montserrat and Valle de los Caídos- and deny that it is Benedictine. Definitively, spokespersons of the central curia of the order in Rome consult the database of the 8,000 Benedictines around the world and he is not there. "I can say that he is not a Benedictine friar, he will only disguise himself as a friar", concludes a person in charge.

"You can dress as you want, without our permission," lament those responsible consulted. Actually in the Valley of the Fallen if they know him: "He was coming here, he was concelebrating with us, but he is not Benedictine. Yes, he was dressed like that, and he missed us, but we let him do it. " Until they ended badly: "He wanted to set up his own community in Salamanca, and to become an abbot, and that can not be true, he deceived us. He never came back. " Everything points to what is another of the mystifications of Carreras, who in Salamanca sometimes told that he had been a pilot in the Vietnam War. The bishopric of Salamanca has not wanted to give explanations on this issue either.

Carreras was first in the Campo Charro school, confirms a former teacher of the White Rufino: "There he had problems, I think he was thrown out, and then he went to this school". Five of his students in this center remember his strange and controversial classes, when they were between 10 and 14 years old. "He talked to us about topics that were not at all for children. Sex, masturbation, homosexuality, and above all, he was obsessed with exorcisms, he put videos of exorcisms and horror films on the dark side ", says a student who had him as a teacher from 1994 to 1997, from sixth to eighth grade of EGB .

"He told us that he had done exorcisms and if we were with him we would not see hell," recalls another from the 1992-1993 school year, who had him as a teacher in the eighth grade. He points out that one of his hobbies was Freud, whom he hated. "Another strange thing that I have remembered now is that he took pictures of us in class with a Polaroid, and kept them, "he says. "More than talking about God, he spoke about the devil, he made us very afraid in class," says another. The ex-teacher of this school admits that it was frequent that in the middle of the course many students changed to the ethics subject.

All agree in their violent and angry nature. Once he broke an umbrella against a table. Another, the door frame slammed. In fact, two students indicate that their parents complained to the center's management and, along with others, also went to the provincial education directorate. In this organism, however, they assure that in their archives there is no registry of complaints or denunciations against Carreras, although they do not have to reflect the content of visits and meetings of parents with the provincial address.

But one of the students remembers something else: "We did works with stone from Villamayor, a variety of Salamanca, and one day she told us that if we wanted we could go the weekend to her house to do workshops". It is a practice that matches your modus operandi in the denunciations of abuses in the United States and in the municipalities of Salamanca. "Although we were kids we were very surprised, he was a very weird guy, but we took it as an adventure, and one day we decided to go there by surprise, to see what happened. A boy opened the door for us, and we saw several more passing behind. We asked for Don Paco and he appeared, very uncomfortable that we were there suddenly, he told us that he could not help us and that we would organize it for another day. We never came back, and now I'm glad. I just hope that nothing will ever happen to any partner, "sighs this former student.

The truth is that Francisco Carreras lived with minors. Two neighbors of that building, on Pinzones street, confirm that he lived there for almost a decade, in the nineties. "I lived with two children, yes, teenagers, the truth is that we never asked ourselves much, we thought that they had been left in their charge or were adopted or something," he says. But it was the Carreras himself who counted in class who lived with minors. At least two students remember seeing him arrive once with one purple eye and another with a cast arm. "He explained that he lived with marginalized children with problems that sometimes hit him," two students recall. A former teacher of Rufino Blanco points out that, according to the priest, "they were children from some villages, marginalized or something like that".

The bishopric also refuses to give explanations on this aspect and if Carreras developed in his apartment some activity of reception of minors authorized by the bishopric. His domicile, in any case, was included in the diocesan bulletins.

Later Carreras lived with a family. One of the children of the marriage, who does not want to be identified and was younger at that time, has a totally different experience: he says that he never had any problem with the priest and, moreover, he has a hard time believing it. "He was one of the family, I never saw anything strange and we lived together for a long time. I was very surprised when I read the news of EL PAÍS. "

The ex-teacher of Rufino Blanco, already retired, believes that the basic problem is the way of choosing religious teachers, still in force: "According to my experience, the appointment system of religious professors can not be maintained any longer. Public schools depend almost exclusively on the will of the head of each diocese, there are no objective criteria for selection, in many cases the proposals are based on mere personal impressions, clientelism, institutional commitments, as it seems to be in this case. It has been the case that the Catholic Church has been more concerned if the teacher was divorced or divorced than if he had previously had pedophile behaviors, for example, what is convenient for everyone, even for the church, is that Public function, such as that of a professor, would be accessed through a public procedure, for example through an opposition with appropriate courts, as a math teacher. I think the church should be the most interested. "

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