June 19, 2021

Francisco Álvarez-Cascos, summoned to testify for an alleged crime of misappropriation

The head of the number two investigative court of Oviedo, Simonet Quelle, has summoned to declare Francisco Álvarez-Cascos as accused, on September 23, according to El País.

The former Vice President of the Government with José María Aznar had been denounced by Foro Asturias – the party he later founded – for alleged crimes of misappropriation and unfair administration.

According to the party’s complaint, Cascos took money from it as a “loan” and also signed “nonexistent contracts” and took “video games for their offspring” on account of the training.

In the complaint, filed last week, a series of controversial expenses of Cascos are collected, which, according to this same source, led Foro Asturias to request an external audit of their invoices and receipts.

1.8 million euros

The training estimates the total cost for its coffers at more than 1.8 million euros. Already outside the presidency of the Principality of Asturias, between 2012 and 2014, he received 457,276 euros of salary, in addition to 33,076 of social security expenses and another 81,946 euros in allowances.

In addition to the founder of Foro Asturias, the judge has also called to testify the current president, Carmen Moriyón, as a complainant, and Daniel Martínez Fernández, from Centium Auditores, as an expert witness.

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