Francis Ford Coppola: "I worry that sexual scandals are dividing us" | Culture

Francis Ford Coppola: "I worry that sexual scandals are dividing us" | Culture

"I'm not completely sure I understand the true dimension they're going to have in the film industry, but I'm worried that sex scandals are dividing us." The warning is from Francis Ford Coppola (Detroit, 1939), the Oscar filmmaker who is visiting Ecuador as a special guest of the La Orquídea film festival. The scriptwriter, director and producer continues betting on men and women as a joint force, despite allegations of sexual harassment uncovered in Hollywood in the last year. "I am very sorry that these men used their power to take advantage of their position; As the father and grandfather of women and girls, I agree that they must have appropriate punishment. However, I believe that men and women should be united. Only all the adult talents together can face the problems we have ", the creator has defended, upon his arrival in the Latin American country.

The presence of Coppola in Ecuador, for the first time in the country, is equivalent to a giant leap for the festival that seeks to consolidate itself as the national cinematographic referent. So much expectation has raised the visit that, practically, it has stolen the protagonism to the 193 films in competition. Director of The Godfather or Apocalypse Now has not limited itself to pronounce on controversial issues such as sexual abuse in the cinema, the migration policy of Donal Trump or the audience success of platforms like Netflix.

Despite her long and successful career in Hollywood, Coppola believes that the industry is taking a few courses that leave no space for her work: "One could say that I have left the organized film industry, but I feel that it is she who has left to me The films that the studios produce are not of the type I'm interested in. " Ensures that I continue to write scripts and doing what he pleases, more and more. But that now includes other businesses. "I hope that once my vineyards give enough money so that they can finance the scripts I'm writing," he confesses, openly criticizing the current strategy of film studios to draw movies in series. "Lawrence of Arabia never had Lawrence of Arabia 2 ni 3. They take out three films to lower costs ".

He is also not very happy with the digital evolution of the cinema world and believes that the platforms as Netflix they will end up self-destructing in a few years. "I'm concerned about how Netflix uses algorithms to distinguish what people want to see. It is something that does not have any kind of empathy. You can not take the risk of making movies like you can not have a child without sex. Artificial intelligence determines through algorithms and numbers what the audience likes, but when the audience is at the forefront of a work of art, there is something magical, "he argues. Therefore, it predicts its failure in no more than three years.

On the other hand, the American producer is attracted by the evolution of Latin American cinema and believes that it is the result of the influence of writers in the region. "Latin American artists have dominated the sphere of the last century. Argentina, Chile, Peru, Mexico or Brazil have dominated literature and the moderae novel, which is a cousin of the new cinema. " Now, in addition, recognizes that Hollywood has lost its hegemony as a benchmark in the industry.

Along with Coppola, other renowned faces have consolidated the proposal of the Ecuadorian film festival. Among others, the Mexican actors Damián Alcázar and Darío Yezbeck, the Chilean director Oscar winner Sebastián Leilo or the singers Miguel Bosé or Fonseca have finished the seventh edition of the event, which this year has allocated 1.3 million of investment.


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