June 23, 2021

Francina Armengol asks the State to meet the needs of the Balearic Islands

The president of the Balearic Islands, Francina Armengol, said on Saturday that “the State must respond to Spain that is empty, no doubt, but also to the one that is filled” because of its economic push, in reference to the archipelago .

The Government, the president has claimed, “must address the effects of economic dynamism” and the increase of the population in the archipelago.

Armengol has delivered a speech tonight on the occasion of the institutional act of the Balearic Islands Day and has presented the Ramon Llull awards and the 2020 Gold medals at the La Lonja de Palma building.

The regional president has stressed that the awards granted, those of today and those of previous editions, show islands “full of talent”, “creators of occupation” and capable of creating wealth for the entire country.

Now, the “challenge,” he said, is to improve the basic services of the Balearic Islands with a population that “does not stop growing.”

In his opinion, “Spain should look less like the centrality of Madrid and more like a plural and diverse reality of a territory that coexists” with phenomena such as emptying part of its territory and islands that increase in population “at high speed” .

A community has continued, “drowned in two factors: an insularity that limits us and a lack of funding that makes it difficult for us to face the increase in population and its consequences on basic services.”

“The State must respond to Spain that is emptied, no doubt, but also to be filled and must address the effects of its dynamism,” said the Mallorcan policy.


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