December 3, 2020

Francesc Guerra and Manuela Muresan win the Transgrancanaria Bike

Francesc Guerra and Manuela Muresan win the Transgrancanaria Bike

Francesc Guerra and Manuela Muresan win the Transgrancanaria Bike

The Fred. Olsen Express Transgrancanaria Bike put its final touch in Maspalomas yesterday. The Expomeloneras venue hosted for the second year the goal of all the races that make up this sporting event, which could be held with all the relevant security measures. In the purely sports, the big favorites met the forecasts. In a test that demands the most from the competitors due to the system of timed and neutralized stages, the two World Cup players present at the event conquered the queen modality.

The Catalan Francesc Guerra, winner in the three previous editions, achieved a historic poker by prevailing in the general classification of the Two Stages, proving to be the king of a date that suits him like a glove. Two Canarian cyclists pushed themselves to the maximum to take positions of honor in the general classification, completing two stages of great merit. Blas Rivero and Néstor Rodríguez occupied the second and third places, respectively.

As for the women’s competition, the Romanian World Cup Manuela Muresan fulfilled the forecasts that placed her as the great candidate for the first position. It shone with its own light in its first participation in the Fred. Olsen Express Transgrancanaria Bike. He led both stages and set a record impossible to overcome by his rivals. The Canary Islands Lourdes Bethencourt and Noelia Robles took the podium.

As for the Intense modality, of 80 kilometers, it started from the El Garañón facilities as the most massive of the event, with about 200 registered who started in five batches. Among them, the fastest of the day was Gabriel Herrera, with a considerable advantage over his pursuers. Rogelio Ramos and Júnior Suárez completed the podium. Among the women, Kerrie O’Brien defended her title won in 2019 and was the first to reach the finish line in Maspalomas. Yolanda Lozano and María Reyes Montes followed the Irish as the best classified yesterday.


In the shortest test of the program, the Ansite, more than 100 cyclists left from the Plaza de Santa Lucía to travel the last 50 kilometers of the Fred route. Olsen Express Transgrancanaria Bike. Fernando Peña, who in previous editions had reigned in the greater distances, was the indisputable winner of the race. Daniel Santana and Abel Redondo, in a tight contest, were second and third, respectively. The champion and only participant in the female category to complete the tour was Mariana Alonso.

About 400 participants took part in the fifth edition of this event, characterized by the new protocols activated to guarantee safety.


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