September 20, 2020

France to host a biodiversity summit in Marseille in January

French President Emmanuel Macron announced this Friday the organization in Marseille on January 11 of next year of an international summit on biodiversity as part of the One Planet Summit initiative against climate change that he launched in 2017.

In a message on his Twitter account, Macron explained that this summit, which will take place during the world congress of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), aims to “mobilize and act for biodiversity”.

“Protecting ecosystems helps prevent the appearance of epidemics like that of covid-19,” he said.

The Marseille conference, which was originally due to take place during the IUCN congress from June 11 to 15, had been postponed undated in early April due to the pandemic.

It was intended to serve to set priorities for ecosystem protection and update the list of threatened species.

The French head of state was the host in the French capital on December 12, 2017 of the first edition of the One Planet Summit, which coincided with the second anniversary of the adoption of the Paris Agreement on climate change to give it a boost with political and economic leaders.

Since then, the different events held under this brand have sought the involvement of the economic and social world to face global warming and the deterioration of biodiversity.

IUCN is a body created 72 years ago that brings together States, government agencies and civil society organizations with the declared mission of pooling knowledge and tools to promote nature conservation, making it compatible with human progress and development. technological.


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