June 19, 2021

France sees no reason for the French not to go on holiday to Spain

The French government does not recommend traveling to other European countries at this stage of the de-escalation, but if, as expected, the epidemiological situation continues to improve and border controls are lifted, “there is no reason” for the French not to go on holiday to Spain. .

The French Foreign Minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian, explained this position on Tuesday in an interview with the station “France Inter” when asked about the statements of his colleague from Ecological Transition, Elisabeth Borne, who on Sunday had advised against the French go on vacation to Spain because of the “contradictory” of the position of the Spanish authorities.

Le Drian pointed out that “in the phase of de-escalation we are in, it is not recommended” to travel abroad, but “if the information of the pandemic continues to be positive” and the other countries open their borders and lift their controls, “no there is reason “not to go.

In addition, he added that he hopes at the same time that tourists from other countries return to France, and that they will work to make that possible.

The head of French diplomacy justified Borne’s controversial statements because he made them after Spain, “in a somewhat unexpected way, first decided to close its borders entirely and then announce that it would open them in July for the holidays. It was a bit of a read complicated that the Spanish authorities gave us “.

He insisted on the French desire for a European coordination on the internal borders of the Schengen area and that by June 15, when there is already a knowledge of the situation of lack of control, it will be possible to know if they can be reopened.

He also recalled that France decided, by reciprocity, to apply quarantine to those arriving from Spain after the Spanish Government had imposed the same on those arriving from abroad. The same has been done with the United Kingdom.

As for the external borders of the Schengen area, which are closed until at least June 15, Le Drian said they will likely remain closed after that date.


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