June 24, 2021

France requires diaper manufacturers to remove various chemicals | Society

France requires diaper manufacturers to remove various chemicals | Society

The French government has called on diaper manufacturers on Wednesday to demand that they eliminate a series of chemicals that, according to the national health agency, could carry risks: some more mild, such as allergies, and others more serious, such as cancers. The meeting began in the early morning with the Ministers of Health, Agnès Buzyn, Transición Ecológica, François de Rugy, and Economía y Finanzas, Bruno Le Maire, and the industry and distribution groups of the sector.

The call is a reaction to the recommendation launched on Tuesday by the National Agency for Sanitary Safety of Food, Environment and Labor (Anses), after conducting an analysis of the chemical substances present in the diapers that, through urine, may come into prolonged contact with the skin.

The delegate CEO, Gilles Salvat, said on Wednesday, in an interview to the station France Info, that around 60 chemical products have been found and for some of them, the risk thresholds are exceeded, in particular substances for perfuming and aromatic hydrocarbons. "They could induce possible risks of allergy," but also other "more important", including carcinogenic, warned Salvat, who pointed out that these risks are not scientifically proven and should be subject to further studies.

The Anses launched in a statement a series of recommendations, beginning with "suppressing the use of all perfume substances", and a better control of the natural raw materials used to make diapers, so that they are not contaminated before manufacturing. The government made them their own and demanded that manufacturers and distributors "assume within 15 days" commitments to eliminate these substances from baby diapers.

He also announced that he has reinforced the controls of his antifraud services, which will take stock in six months, and that in the European Union he will look for an evolution of the REACH regulation on chemical products to "restrict the presence of certain chemicals in baby diapers."

In addition, the complementary studies requested by the Anses will be launched and while these measures are in place, they advise parents to choose diapers, bearing in mind the indications on the absence of the use of chlorinated agents and perfumes.


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