September 23, 2020

France registers 80 deaths from coronavirus in the last day, up to 26,310

France has recorded 26,310 deaths as a result of the coronavirus since the beginning of the epidemic, on March 1, after registering 80 fatalities in the last 24 hours, according to health authorities.

Of the total, 16,573 died in hospitals across the country and 9,737 in residences and dependency centers.

French intensive care services see a drop in new income after several consecutive days of decline. Currently, there are 2,812 patients in the ucis, 56 fewer than on Friday.

Counting them, there are 22,614 hospitalized patients with this pathology, a figure also in constant decline for more than a week.

The four regions in the north-west of the country, including the Parisian, are the ones that suffer the greatest blow, since they group 75% of the country’s cases, while the hospital incidence in the rest of the territory is quite low.

For this reason, it is these regions – Île de France, Aubernia-Rhône-Alpes, Hautes-de-France and the Great East – that will dictate the strictest unconfinement measures starting next Monday, when the country begins to de-escalate the trust imposed at the national level. National on March 17.


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