August 3, 2020

France raises police presence in schools in specific cases

The French Government is studying the presence of police or gendarmes on a punctual basis in schools in troubled neighborhoods to stop acts of violence as the case of the teacher to whom a student pointed last Thursday with a gun, which was later shown to be false

The Interior Minister, Christophe Castaner, presented to the press that and other measures at the end of a "strategic committee" organized today with the holders of Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, and Justice, Nicole Belloubet.

An inter-ministerial meeting organized in response to this incident by the 15-year-old high school student Edouard Branly de Créteil, outside of Paris, who starred in the assault – and which was recorded with his cell phone on the other – has been indicted.

Castaner said that does not exclude "the physical presence of law enforcement" in schools and high schools, always with the agreement of the management of the centers, particularly "in the most difficult neighborhoods."

That would be done "in moments of particular tension," said Castaner, who said that next Tuesday a device against violence in education will be formalized during the Council of Ministers.

The objective is that "the school, which is the cradle of the Republic, be protected".

Blanquer, who described Créteil's and other similar incidents registered as "serious" last week, affirmed that it is "absolutely necessary to have an effective approach" that goes through the coordination between the three ministries.

The head of Education indicated that the disciplinary procedures against violent students will be simplified, that it will seek to involve more families and also the creation of "specialized centers" in which there could be personnel of the Police and the Army to frame the students.


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