September 23, 2020

France overcomes the barrier of 26,000 killed by COVID-19 after adding 243

France on Friday exceeded the figure of 26,000 deaths from coronavirus, after adding 243 more in the last 24 hours, reported the Ministry of Health.

The country’s hospitals have 22,724 people admitted for this disease, of which 2,868 are in intensive care, which is 93 less than in the last balance.

Two days after the confinement of the population is lifted after 53 days, Health indicated that four regions group together 72% of the hospitalizations linked to the coronavirus.

These are precisely the four northeast regions of the country in which the Government announced that de-escalation will take place more slowly, including that of Paris.

The ministry indicated that since the start of the pandemic in France in early March, 95,601 people have passed through the country’s hospitals, of which 55,782 have been cured, not counting “the tens of thousands” who have healed without being admitted.

In total, 16,497 people died in hospitals and another 9,733 in nursing homes.


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