France limits the rise in gas and electricity bills to 15% during 2023

France limits the rise in gas and electricity bills to 15% during 2023

The Government of France has decided to extend the limit on increases in electricity and gas bills to the entire 2023, although it has raised the maximum ceiling of the increase to 15%, as reported this Wednesday at a press conference by the Prime Minister of the country, Élisabeth Borne, and the Ministers of Finance and Energy Transition, Bruno Le Maire and Agnès Pannier-Runacher, respectively and collected by Europa Press.

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France had already limited electricity and gas increases to 4% until the end of 2022, so this measure means extending the containment of increases for an entire year, although raising the maximum allowed.

For small businesses and homes

The limits will apply to households, small businesses and small municipalities. In his Twitter account, Le Maire has pointed out that companies with less than 10 employees and less than two million euros in turnover will enjoy this limit. This means up to 1.5 million French companies.

In absolute terms, the 15% rise means that the average increase in the bill of households using gas heating will be 25 euros, instead of 200 without this measure. Households that use electric heating will see their bill rise on average by 20 euros per month, instead of the 180 that would have risen without this cap.

Likewise, the Government plans to deliver checks of 100 to 200 euros for households with lower incomes. They will be paid for by the end of the year and will reach 12 million homes. This measure will cost the public coffers 16,000 million euros: 11,000 million for the cap on gas and 5,000 million for the cap on electricity.

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