July 4, 2020

France guillotine to the United States

The United States is out of the fight for medals at the World Cup in China. 17 years later, from the ridiculous in its World Cup in Indianapolis, the USA Team will once again be off the podium in a great competition (World Cups and Olympic Games). France was the executioner of the weakest Yankee team of recent times. Gobert, Fournier, De Colo, Ntilikina … the Gauls staged the second big surprise of the championship. Or maybe it wasn't such a surprise.

The first real rival for the United States was not the Antetokounmpo Greece. It was the France of Fournier and Gobert. An exterior, the interior that best defends the world and a team that can physically compete with Americans. Gobert is as important or more than Marc is in Spain. Two years in a row he has been elected Best NBA Defender and has panicked his colleagues. The interiors of Popovich decreased half a meter before his presence. Turner, López and Plumlee seemed rookies before the French giant. Brook López tried to displace him from his range with a pair of triples. Both failed and Gobert reigned in both zones during the first two quarters. But the pivot is not only basic behind, it also hurts the rival ring. At the break he already had 13 points and 5 rebounds. He finished with 21 points, 16 rebounds, 3 blocks and a feeling of tremendous power. And how he found Fournier's help …

The escort is one of those responsible for France being the team that best pulls three of the tournament (rubs 50 percent). It captures many attacks, but most of the time it is solved correctly. So between them and with the help from the bench of De Colo, France already ruled in Ecuador (39-45).

The United States found itself against the ropes at the start of the third quarter. He became ten down (43-53), but there Popovich maneuvered and Donovan Mitchell broke loose. The coach of the United States decided that as their inner players did not contribute anything it was about betting on a quintet of shorties. Jaylen Brown was paired with Gobert. Fifteen centimeters apart, but the influence of the pivot ceased to be devastating. The rest was paid by Mitchell. Gobert's Jazz partner was unstoppable for France. He scored 14 points in the third quarter and his production allowed him to return to the Yankees with only ten minutes ahead (66-63).

The United States grew when Mitchell found help in attack. But the getaway (74-67) did not go far. France returned with everything. Ntilikina joined Fournier and Gobert. The base, with 7 points in the last quarter, was the surprise that Collet kept. The Gauls staged a partial 2-13 and the USA Team met the rope around the neck in the absence of two minutes (76-82). A pair of Gobert caps and the success in the free kicks of De Colo sealed the American defeat and cited France with Argentina in the semifinals.

79. United States (18 + 21 + 27 + 13): Walker (10), Harris (5), Mitchell (29), Barnes (4) and Turner (2) – titular quintet – Lopez (0), Smart (11), Brown (9), Middleton (5), White ( 4) and Plumlee (0).

89. France (18 + 28 + 18 + 26): Ntilikina (11), Fournier (20), Batum (6), M'Baye (2) and Gobert (21) – titular quintet- Albicy (5), De Colo (18), Lessort (3), Toupane (1) and Labeyrie (0).

Referees: Locatelli (Bra), Poursanidis (Gre) and Pascual (Fil). Harris removed.

Incidents: 10,000 spectators at the Dongguan Basketball Center. Third match corresponding to the quarterfinals of the World Cup.

Quarter finals: Argentina, 97-Serbia, 87; Spain, 90-Poland, 78; United States, 79-France, 89 and Australia-Czech Republic.

Semifinals (Friday, 13): Spain / Australia-Czech Republic (10:00, Four) and Argentina-France (14:00, Four).

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