France encourages all employees working during the crisis to pay a premium of 1,000 euros



The French government has invited companies to pay a premium of 1,000 euros to all employees who work during the crisis, reflecting on a possible reopening of bookstores and vital sectors. In Emmanuel Macron’s opinion, “the fight against the health crisis must be complemented by the fight against the social and economic crisis.”

Bruno Le Maire, Minister of Economy and Finance, made this statement on Friday morning: “We invite all companies working in vital sectors to pay their employees a premium of 1,000 euros totally de-taxed”.

Hospital staff may benefit from this premium. “We owe their lives to them,” said Le Maire. The French government is studying the possibility of paying the same premium to all or a good part of the officials. The payment of a premium of 1,000 euros is part of the government’s strategy of avoid economic collapse, victim of the health crisis.

After the general confinement of retail trade, the Ministry of Economy begins to study the possible reopening of bookstores and some forms of commerce, in strategic sectors, at a still unpredictable date.

Bruno Le Maire has severely criticized the commercial behavior of Amazon and other online commerce platforms. Its services study the sanitary and economic formulas that could allow, if necessary, the reopening of bookstores or basic necessities, to try to save sensitive sectors for life and national culture.

If companies that pay a premium of 1,000 euros to their working employees could benefit from some fiscal support, the economy minister estimates that open grocery stores and bakeries with more or less free hours could receive, as well same, new forms of government support.

Bruno Le Maire puts a basic condition for government support: «Companies that pay 1,000 to their working workers, such as bookstores, bakeries or shops, must comply with very strict security standards, preventing commercial places from becoming centers meeting of any kind ».


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