May 17, 2021

France discusses deploying police officers in troubled schools | Society

France discusses deploying police officers in troubled schools | Society

The police presence in schools has ceased to be a taboo in France. It is more, it is a measure that is evaluated in all seriousness by the Government of Emmanuel Macron, who this Friday held a "strategic committee" at the highest level to analyze "tools" to improve school safety after learning that, the week pass, a 15-year-old student threatened a high school teacher with a fake gun. Since then, other similar incidents have been reported and teachers have launched a campaign on social networks denouncing their helplessness in the face of recurrent cases of violence, from verbal to physical.

After meeting with his peers of Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, and Justice, Nicole Belloubet, the Interior Minister, Christophe Castaner, said that "the physical presence of law enforcement agencies is not ruled out" in some institutes, especially those of "The most difficult neighborhoods".

It would not be, a priori, a constant presence but "in moments of particular tension during the day" and, in any case, provided that their stay is authorized by the school institution, said the head of Interior. Castaner also evoked the need to reassess the situation of school safety not regionally or nationally but "neighborhood by neighborhood" and expressed his intention to establish in each department a "state school security" that can be convened quickly to make assessments of the situation.

The objective, stressed those responsible for the Government of Macron, which will present all measures discussed in the next Council of Ministers, is that the school, as the "cradle of the republic, is protected", from the students to the teachers themselves.

The meeting of this "strategic committee" responds to an order from Macron after learning of the incident at an institute in Créteil, outside of Paris. Last Thursday, a student pointed a fake gun at the head of his teacher, a fact that was recorded by another student and the video distributed by social networks. A fact that received a unanimous condemnation, including from the president, who stated that "threatening a teacher is unacceptable". The kid, who assures that it was a joke, was formally accused on Sunday of "aggravated violence", which could lead to him being sentenced to up to 40 months in prison, and he is under supervised release and with a restraining order from his teacher until you appear before a juvenile court.

This case, as well as the affirmations of the minister of Education Blanquer that is reacted with firmness before any denunciation of violence against teachers, caused that thousands of professors denounced in Twitter, under the label #Pasdevague (translatable as "do not make waves") their experiences of violence in school institutions and how many cases, they affirm, have been silenced by the management of the establishments.

The ministerial meeting in Paris took place hours after it was known that four other high school students, this time in Le Havre, in the west of the country, also threatened their teachers of English and mathematics with fake guns. The incident took place on October 4 and, initially, the incident was resolved internally and with an apology from the students. However, he points Le ParisienAfter the case of Créteil and the reaction of the authorities, the director of the institute decided this week to file a complaint, which led to the four teenagers being arrested on Thursday.

Among other measures that are expected to be announced next week, Blanquer advanced the creation of a system of "systematic denunciation" of violent incidents in schools and the imposition of "proportionate educational sanctions". The Government is also studying the possibility of creating "specialized establishments" for especially troubled youth between 13 and 18 years old, in which part of the staff is "of military or police origin" to "re-train" these students with a stricter discipline than teach, he said, "the rigor of the law and the values ​​of the Republic."


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