March 8, 2021

France creates an ecotax between 1.5 and 18 euros for plane flights

The Government of France will apply an ecotax of between 1.50 and 18 euros to air tickets from 2020, as announced today by the Minister of Transport, Elisabeth Borne.

The minister has indicated that the French state expects to raise 182 million euros a year with this new tax, an amount that will go towards investments in greener transport infrastructure, with special focus on the French rail system.

The measure will be applied to all airlines with a green tax of 1.50 euros for domestic and intra-European flights in economy class and 18 euros for non-EU flights in class business.

The minister explained that exceptions will be made in the collection of the ecotax for connecting flights to the French island of Corsica and the French overseas territories.

When the Executive of Macron announced the possibility of implementing the measure a few months ago, the acting Minister of Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera, said that it is an "interesting" idea but asked for caution on new regulations that affect several sectors. The Government of Pedro Sanchez was not able to approve the equalization of diesel and gasoline taxes. The Netherlands and Belgium have promoted the debate on aviation charges within the European Union (EU) since the beginning of the year.

The government of Emmanuel Macron wants to reinforce environmental regulation, but had to abandon an attempt to increase taxes on diesel fuel at the end of last year after the violent demonstrations of the 'yellow vests'.

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