France and Belgium take out tickets to Qatar and the Netherlands gets into a mess

Mbappé celebrates one of his goals in Kazakhstan.

Mbappé celebrates one of his goals in Kazakhstan.

France and Belgium have fulfilled this Saturday and have sealed their classification for the world. Both won and, with a day still to be disputed, they secured the leadership of their respective groups to join the still short list of countries classified for the 2022 event, in which they already appeared. Germany, Denmark, Brazil (who had achieved it the previous morning) and Qatar, hostess. Netherlands he let himself be tied 0-2 in the final minutes and got into trouble.

Illustrious absent in Russia- 2018, the Netherlands was put all in the face with the Norway prick (without Haaland) against Latvia (0-0). Selection of Louis van Gaal I was already savoring a World Cup when 10 minutes from the end he was winning 0-2 in Montenegro with two goals (one penalty) from Memphis Depay, top scorer in this qualifying round (11). But the Balkan team tied in the final stretch and turned the group upside down. Netherlands is leader with two points more than Norway, which you receive on Tuesday, and that Turkey. The ‘oranje’ could finish even third.

Instead, France I needed to add a point before Kazakhstan in Paris and gave no choice to surprise. A Lethal mbappé The roller passed and within half an hour the champion was already winning 3-0 with three of her goals. He also signed the final 8-0.

Belgium, with Eden Hazard as starter, cleared Group E by defeating Estonia (3-1). The set of Roberto Martinez he can be a judge on the last day, as he will visit Wales. The set of Gareth Bale, who played 45 minutes, defeated Belarus (5-1) and needs a point to secure the play-off.

Madridistas Courtois and Hazard celebrate Belgium’s qualification for the World Cup. REUTERS

In Southamerica, Brazil left the standings tied before meeting Argentina by defeating in Sao Paulo Colombia with a bit of Packet (1-0). Coutinho did not play for a minute. Argentina, with Substitute messi, defeated Uruguay with a great goal by Di María (0-1). Colombia and Uruguay, fifth and sixth in the group, are in trouble.


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