Fran takes revenge on Pasapalabra

Fran takes revenge on Pasapalabra

The hearing of Pass word has fallen without Fran Gonzlez. At this point and no one disputes that the Asturian crack of the Pasapalabra rosco is one of the most known contestants of television in Spain. For months I achieved that the format in which I participated would be positioned as the most watched of the day. I even managed for several consecutive days that the format was the most seen of the day: the golden minute, the one that attracted the most spectators in front of the small screen.

There was ros of Fran (the moment in which he faced the most important test of the whole day and in which all the money was played), which was followed by more than four million people. A whole record if you take into account that these are figures that do not shuffle (at least not normally), the contest programs pm. They are more figures of prime time programs. That is why now Pasapalabra has fallen.

Although they tried it with Jero (another contestant with a great pull and who is also very familiar to the public because he had already gone through the format), those in charge of this Telecinco program did not achieve the same success they had with Fran. . And that phenomenon was difficult to repeat. The Spaniard took his involuntary "revenge" and caused the audience data of the format to fall by half to two million spectators.

But what was Fran special about? In addition to their knowledge (I beat all the rosco records successfully overcome), Gonzlez had a great desire among the public. He was a very familiar person and with whom many identified. His shyness also played in his favor. In the end he managed to take a large amount of money.

However, Pasapalabra does not have everything lost. Not much less. An is still the most watched program in its range.


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