February 25, 2021

Fran Pasapalabra continues in the gap for a confusion – La Provincia

Although he hasn't been on the small screen for half a year, his fans don't forget him. Fran González, the crack of the rosco who managed to take a millionaire boat earlier this year In the best known television contest in Spain, it has come back to the top. Several Internet users have noticed a nice confusion: when you search

Fran González (the former soccer player) In Google, the world's most used search engine returns you as a first result the Wikipedia page in which you talk about the player but be careful, the athlete does not appear in the photo. The one that appears in the image that accompanies the information is that of Fran González, the contestant who participated in the Telecinco format.

But this is not the only reason why many are remembering these days of Gonzalez. The fact that Los Lobos (the four friends who had been participating in the Antena 3 Boom program for two years), won the contest jackpot last Monday and took home more than six million euros made many will remember on social networks the moment when Fran won the boat.

And there were many things coinciding between the two moments that are already part of the history of television. The first one was the "spoiler" that the chains themselves (both Antena 3 and Telecinco) did in their day what was going to happen.

Aware of the interest aroused by both contestants (Fran and Los Lobos both took Pasapalabra and Boom to more than important audience levels), the Mediaset and Atresmedia channels announced days before what would happen without specifying (yes), the exact day on which the prize would be delivered. Not in vain everyone wanted to see that moment.

In fact, there was another audience record. The moment when Fran took the prize, 26 percent of the spectators saw it. The data of Los Lobos was a little better. His maximum success in Antena 3 was seen by 28 percent of the spectators. Although it is true that both data are not entirely comparable. Antena 3 issued the contest in prime time while Telecinco decided not to alter the time in which Pasapalabra issued, before the news of Pedro Piqueras night.

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