April 14, 2021

Fourteen Canarian singers support children with cancer through a song – La Provincia

The Asociation Little brave has gathered 14 of the most recognizable Canarian singers in the song No one is missing here, a solidary single whose collection on the different music and video platforms will go to support children with cancer by maintaining the House Home and of the services provided by the organization.

Among the singers and groups that have been part of the initiative are the Knarias, Adexe & Nau, Caco Senante, Iván Torres de Efecto Corridor, Jadel, José Vélez, Josh Acosta, Pedro Guerra, Pepe Benavente, Playacoco, Raquel del Rosario, Soul Sanet and Tutto Durán.

In this sense, all the benefits that are obtained from digital sales and streaming will go to Little Brave, a non-profit association that emerged from the union of Canarian families to fight against childhood cancer.

For its part, No one is missing here is a single produced by José Manuel Moles, who has worked with singers like Luz Casal, Malú, Rosa López or Xuso Jones, among others.

During the presentation of the single, which was attended by the Knarias, Iván Torres and the components of Playacoco, the president of the association, José Jeréz, showed his emotion for the project and thanks to all the artists who have been part of the song.

"In the video, the children have put everything better and the best video that could come out," he said to place special emphasis on the solidarity factor of the project. "We need you to help us in order to help," he said.

While, the Knarias explained that the initiative arose from their representatives and from M2 Music, who asked them about the possibility of making a song for Christmas.

"From there – they added – we said, 'What if we make a Christmas song but with all the Canarian artists and the proceeds goes to an association that needs it?'"

In the meantime Ivan Torres and Playacoco They placed special emphasis on the importance of carrying out this type of initiative, since while the former pointed out that this type of illness in children "touches the fiber", the latter highlighted the solidarity and generous character of the islander.


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