May 10, 2021

Four young men arrested for sexually assaulting a 19-year-old woman

Four young men arrested for sexually assaulting a 19-year-old woman

The Civil Guard has arrested in Callosa d'En Sarrià (Alicante) four men of 19, 21, 22 and 24 years, as alleged perpetrators of a sexual assault on a 19-year-old girl, allegedly under the influence of alcohol and drugs , reported today the General Directorate of the armed institute.

Those arrested have been brought to justice as alleged perpetrators of a crime of sexual assault, two crimes of sexual abuse and a crime against privacy.

After the call the last New Year's Eve of a neighbor of the Alicante locality, agents of the Civil Guard and the Local Police of Callosa moved to a building in whose basement there were four individuals with a half-naked girl, according to the woman's story.

Upon arriving they found that there was a young woman in the place, in a drunken state and possibly under the influence of a drug, since "no" was "able to know where he is or where he lives, nor does it remember what has happened during the last hours, "the note details.

According to the accounts of several witnesses, one of the detainees was caught raising his pants, while another of them was lying on top of the victim and was abusing her.

The Civ Guardil has arrested three of those involved, who were still at the scene, as alleged perpetrators of a sexual abuse crime, and the fourth has been located and arrested shortly after.

The victim was rushed to the Marina Baixa Hospital in Villajoyosa to undergo a medical examination and receive psychological attention.

According to the investigation, two of the men knew the victim, and they met her in Benidorm on the night of December 31, and with the excuse of continuing to drink, at about 5 in the morning they suggested going to an acquaintance's house of her mother in that locality, to which she agreed.

Once there and after taking several more drinks, the abuses would have begun, although, the Civil Guard needs,Young does not remember anything of what happened. One of the inhabitants of the house noticed and ended the party.

Then the four men decided to go to Callosa, to the location of one of them, and they took the young woman, "I was in such a state that I could barely walk alone."

One of the detainees, aged 22, I already had a history of gender violence and sexual abuse with a minor.

During the investigation of the case, the Civil Guard has located another woman, that he had also suffered sexual abuse in October of last year by that arrested, and that he has filed the corresponding complaint.

The investigation continues open because agents suspect thatThe detainees could have staged two identical situations with two other women, so they do not rule out that the number of people affected could increase.

The investigation has been carried out by agents of the Civil Guard of the Judicial Police Team of Villajoyosa and the post of Callosa d'En Sarriaà.


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