Four years of astrophysical science with SONG – La Provincia

Four years of astrophysical science with SONG - La Provincia

The Hertzsprung telescope SONG, which has a primary mirror of 1 m, allows to study the stars from our galactic neighborhood and the exoplanets that orbit around them. It is part of the Stellar Observation Networks Grup (SONG) network, which is integrated by the University of Aarhur, network leader, the University of Copenhagen, the National Astronomical Observatory of China (NAOC) and the Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands (IAC).

On the occasion of its fourth anniversary, the International Congress "Science with SONG: 4 more years", which will take place October 23-26 in the Hotel Reserva Ambiental Sandos Sanblas, in the Tenerife municipality of Abona. In it, the scientific results obtained with this telescope will be presented and discussed.

Pere Lluis Pallé, the scientist in charge of the telescope in IAC, recalls how "four years ago the challenge of setting up an automatic, robust, remote and robotic telescope (AR3) in the Observatory of the Teide"After the effort made to carry out the project and these years of observations, Pallé says that" now is the time to appreciate the fruits we have collected, over the years, from that challenge made reality. "

Although Hertzsprung SONG is currently the only fully operational telescope on the network, this international project plans to have 8 telescopes distributed throughout the globe over the next few years. In fact, it already has one at the Delingha Observatory (China), which will continue to operate manually until its robotization is completed. In addition, the construction of the third telescope of the network is agreed with the Mount Kent Observatory (Australia).

During the four days of the conference, "Pallé will explain" the achievements and expectations of Hertzsprung SONG and the future network that will operate in the temporal domain, as no other instrument does on Earth or in space. The various telescopes that will integrate the network are precisely those that will allow this unparalleled operation, since the same astronomical object can be observed many more hours.

The 55 researchers attending the congress will visit the facilities of the Teide Observatory, where the telescope is located. The title of the workshop, originally in English, is a statement of intent: "1st Workshop on Science with SONG: 4 more years". Well, make a play of words between four and for, expressing the future projection of this project and the desire for many more years of observation for this network of telescopes.

The Observatories of the Canary Islands are part of the network of Singular Scientific and Technological Infrastructures (ICTS) of Spain.


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