Four years in prison for Sito Miñanco for money laundering

Four years in prison for Sito Miñanco for money laundering

The Court of Pontevedra has sentenced to four years in prison and a fine of six million euros to the Galician drug trafficker José Ramón Prado Bugallo, known as Sito Miñanco, as author of a crime of money laundering from drug trafficking.

The ruling considers proven that he laundered money from the drug, between 1988 and 2007, through the acquisition of real estate through the real estate San Saturnino.

The court imposed the same prison sentence and the same fine on the other four defendants, María Rosa Pouso Navazas, Rosa María Prado Pouso and Josefa Pouso Navazas, his first wife, his eldest daughter and his ex-wife, respectively; and for José Alberto Aguín Magdalena, a businessman who, according to the accusation, acted as a figurehead for the drug trafficker.

In addition, the Court of Pontevedra has agreed to the final closure of the real estate company, being the "axis" around which all the defendants laundered drug money, decreeing the confiscation of the totality of acquired assets.

The Office of the Prosecutor initially requested a penalty of six years in prison and the payment of a fine of ten million euros for Miñanco and his closest family circle.

The magistrates of the Audiencia de Pontevedra consider it credited in the judgment that "without distinction between them" all the defendants participated "actively" and in a "fundamental" way in the process to launder the money that came from the drug trafficking.

The Court highlights the amount of money bleached when it comes to fixing the penalty, as well as the businesses "that they raised, maintained and still have", or the number of companies that they formed "to hide or, at least, make up" origin of money.

The court notes that the knowledge that the suspects had of the criminal origin of the money is deduced "in a very easy way" from the patrimonial increase, "notorious and disproportionate", that the defendants "could not justify" with their legal income.

The origin of the money with which they acquired numerous properties in the province of Pontevedra, according to the sentence, "is only explained" by the relation of all of them with the criminal activities of Sito Miñanco.

The sentence explains that Sito Miñanco and José Alberto Aguín Magdalena "knew perfectly" that the money used for the acquisition of the property of the real estate proceeded, "and even they had obtained it", of their criminal activities.

The other three defendants, for their part, not only because of their family relationship with Miñanco, "could not ignore" but "knew very well" the origin of that money, according to the court, which warns of the "tricks" used by all to "disguise" their activity through purchases, loans, mortgages or instrumental companies.

In addition, the judges emphasize on the basis of the documentation provided in the trial and the statements of the experts of the Tax Agency that the licit income of the accused "did not give them" to handle "such enormous amounts of money". EFE


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