Four workers injured when a stage collapses in Santiago de Compostela

Four workers injured when a stage collapses in Santiago de Compostela

Image of the accident site. / Eph

Sources from the organization of the 'O Son do Camiño' festival have pointed out that part of the structure has fallen during the assembly

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At least four workers have been injured in the work accident recorded this Friday at Monte do Gozo, in Santiago de Compostela, when the main stage collapsed during the assembly.

This has been confirmed to Europa Press by sources from the Xunta, which organizes this cycle of concerts scheduled for June 16 to 18, in Monte do Gozo, due to what has been mobilized, among others, the Santiago Firefighters, Police National and 061.

Sources from the Xunta have detailed that around 12:30 p.m. the structure of the main stage of the concert cycle collapsed, which was being assembled, due to “some failure” due to causes that “are being investigated.”

Due to this work accident, 061 ambulances have been moved to the site, as well as members of the Santiago Fire Department and National Police patrol.

Pictures of the scene of the accident. / Eph

The cycle of concerts will host 120,000 people for three days, about 42,000 per day. The 2022 lineup is the largest in the festival's history, with 47 top-level national and international artists such as C.Tangana, Liam Gallagher, Anuel AA and Jason Derulo.

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