July 29, 2021

'Four Weddings' and, already … | TV

'Four Weddings' and, already ... | TV

I will have the audacity to suggest to the television programmers the total format, with the excuse that last night premiered Four Weddings, last example of immodest exhibition of intimacies. Why not a all together, a reality long-winded that begins with the first dabbling, is explained in the coexistence, continue to the wedding, gut the expected crisis of couple and all done with celebrities? And, already, with a specific channel (you could call Open in Channel) to broadcast it 24 hours in multiscreen, with mobile application.

Nothing weird. That already exists, but divided and dispersed, without substance or ambition. For example: while last night "four girlfriends in love" competed in Four for winning the prize of best wedding or bodorry of the week (without hesitation in showing up to the last private secret or in skinning the adversary), in Antena 3 several couples in crisis crossed their respective for (they say) overcome through therapy Consent exchange his problems of love and coexistence.

That is why the ideal is to cut and paste towards the total format. The thing would start with the first dabbling of Men and Women and vice versa, where tronista and aspirants could set up their first appointment in Firts Date, so that the most promising couples could go to live in the mode of Farmer looking for sposa or A prince for Corina or a Gandia Shore (more in tune with the staff of MYHYV).

If the thing curdles, then the land of Four Weddings, so that the resulting marriages could show everyone their wedding trip to the island of Survivors, but with format Big Brother. It could even be done in the manner of Ball adventures, which also exists, with the irony that pixelan pudendas parts despite the name. And if there were celebrities, everything could be called VIP.

But if the couple that was bullied in this reality Without a pause it does not end up curdling, you can always change the chain to overcome the crisis in Consent exchange, be tested in Blind trust and, if in the end they do not fix it and find another partenaire, they would not have to wait and could jump directly to Married at first sight. Everything may be that in the end they have an artistic streak and end up in OT, or depression leads them to gain weight and their destiny is The scale.

What it takes for the shameless exhibition of intimacy to be consolidated on television, where only the explicit sex barrier remains (although the so-called edredoning of GH-VIP are already subject of prime time). For whom all this sounds weird, to take a walk through the generalist chains, remember that Nacho Vidal has already premiered a porn-reality TV program and do not forget that the aforementioned GH-VIP and its associated programs are sweeping away in audience and They have colonized Mediaset.


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