December 3, 2020

Four students from Valencia create a website to find out the restrictions

The creators of the project, Guillermo Colomar, David Muñoz and Luci Simón.

The creators of the project, Guillermo Colomar, David Muñoz and Luci Simón.

In the social networks There are many messages that predict great ideas, but that others end up doing. A “someone should do” that usually entails the inaction of the proposer. Of this type of innocent message, surely provoked in a moment of doubts before the tangle of restrictions that sometimes it is not known if they affect the community itself or the one next door was born, a website that four students from the Polytechnic University of Valencia have promoted on their Alcoi campus.

Three Valencians and one Navarrese, students between third and fourth of the double degree of Computer Engineering and ADE, compared to 17 communities, two autonomous cities and more than 200 regulations to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. In total, two weeks of work from David Muñoz, Guillermo Colomer, Luci Simón and Hamilton Leguizamon that materializes in the response to the introduction of the postal code. The five digits for letters and food delivery turn the lock on the answers of what can and cannot be done.

Luci Simón, a native of Xàtiva, is one of the promoters of the idea that already has around half a million unique daily users after two weeks of operation. “We saw in social networks that people did not know what could be done, that there was a lot of uncertainty and we decided to make the idea to fight against misinformation“says the young woman who indicates that the website is totally altruistic, but gives the possibility of collaborating through donations” to continue with the maintenance work. ”

It does not occur to us that there are advertisements, we want it to be a public service“, defends the UPV student. Luci reflects on whether the idea should have come from the public administrations:” Maybe yes, it shows that it was needed, “she argues. However, they got it” before the exam period “, as a remedy for not being able to leave and that was channeled into reading all the BOE and regional official bulletins and remove the main restrictions, capacity, schedules, limitations on the sale of alcohol, movement …

“Each community is a world, I will not be the one to criticize that or stop criticizing it, they have very different measures and in some with similar cases of contagion“Who speaks is Guillermo Colomar, from Moncada and also a member of the quartet that has carried out the idea that now remains” the most difficult. ” we ask for patience “, he says before the overwhelming avalanche of messages that they are receiving by social networks and the mail.” It has worked very well by chain of WhatsAppIt even reached my mother, “he says about the success of the idea.

Many of the messages that come to them, they say, are from people who are volunteering to help. “There are people who have contacted us to offer to translate them into the rest of the co-official languages ​​of the State, programmers who tell us that they can lend a hand to add functionalities … but for now we ask for help to maintain it and that it is always updated “, he launches between thanks and the language out for the constant work that it involves.

Now, explain, they face that many autonomous communities do not take their measures in a homogeneous way throughout their territory rather they divide by province … or health demarcations. “We’ll see how we do it, but up to the municipality level I don’t think we can get there, it is too much to specify whether or not they can get into the municipal pool,” argues Guillermo hours after leaving an exam and with two in sight next days.

Thus, if until the autonomous communities assumed the role in de-escalation and control of infections in the new wave, he was the director of the Emergency Center, Fernando Simon, the visible face that unraveled what could or could not be done, now the five digits of the postal code substitute for what COVID substitute. And all with a countdown of when the alarm state ends, it is not known if as an encouragement or as an alert.


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