Four referees for history

He arrived in Andorra this Friday Kateryna monzul, a 40-year-old Ukrainian architect with a long experience as a referee, considered in 2015 the best in the world after whistling the final of the Women’s World Cup between the United States and Japan, with a North American win, which defeated the Japanese 5-2, a scenario of goals that can be repeated this Saturday (8:45 pm, Teledeporte) if the English put the batteries. AND Monzul is cited with history because until now a woman had never called a qualifying match for the World Cup in Qatar, much less against England, the outstanding leader of Group I where Andorra and San Marino become the Cinderellas with the prize of being able to face the Premier stars.

San Marino-Gibraltar

Monzul On November 14, 2020, she became the first referee to lead a men’s national team match, but not with a view to obtaining a passport to the World Cup, but rather in the League of Nations, between San Marino and Gibraltar, without goals and without much football. This Saturday she arrives at the National Stadium of Andorra accompanied by two compatriots as assistants, Maryna striletska and Svitlana Grushko, and a star of female refereeing, the French Stéphanie Frappart, as head of the VAR. Frappart is another great figure in women’s refereeing as last season she had the honor of being the first woman to whistle a Champions League match, in Juventus’ 3-0 victory over Dinamo Kiev.

Four women for the match with the largest number of visiting fans gathered in Andorra, since this Saturday the arrival of English fans will be completed, more than a thousand, among those who have any of the 940 tickets they have received and those who accompany them. The first British fans were already in Andorra la Vella this Friday, on the terraces with the typical beer without forgetting the trade, although the majority traveled this Saturday from Barcelona to go back to the Catalan capital and its airport at the end of the match.

Followers, who like Kateryna monzul, were startled shortly before 6 pm when they contemplated the column of thick black smoke that came out of the interior of the National Stadium and that was visible from different points of the Andorran capital. “It was a tremendous scare, although fortunately he was able to control the fire in just 10 minutes. It affected the artificial grass a bit but in the unmarked area of ​​the field, “he explained. Ivan Moure, responsible for communication of the Andorran Football Federation (FAF). The platform that had been set up in the center of the field for the cameras burned. TV. Traffic was cut off. The firefighters arrived. The game is not in danger but it will now be seen how it affects television broadcasting.

British and Spanish tourists

And a curious situation will also be seen this Saturday since Andorra is preparing to receive a very important number of visitors through the Pilar bridge, festive ‘down’, as the Andorrans say when referring to Spain, with the hotels full and the main street with heavy police surveillance, as was already observed this Friday among Englishmen wearing shorts, despite the cool temperature of the Pyrenees and the first chants in one of the terraces occupied by the British followers.

“They wanted to come more- he explains Moure– Possibly, if it were the largest stadium, more than 3,000 fans would have come to Andorra. A draw had to be made as we have only been able to deliver 940 tickets to them. ”

Cristiano Ronaldo’s visit

Kateryna monzul you will find a stadium at 70% of its capacity, due to the restrictions derived from the pandemic, with a stand only for Andorrans, another for British and the neutral, mainly Spanish fans.

It will be the third great team to visit Andorra after the footsteps of France and Portugal, in a tight match, with the locals defending the 0-0 with fury until it entered Cristiano Ronaldo in the second part and the party is over.


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