October 27, 2020

Four Police unions complain about having to distribute masks: “it is an improper function”

Four police unions have transferred the police officers in Galicia who consider it “an improper function” to have to distribute masks to citizens and have communicated that other groups, such as Civil Protection, Fire and emergency services, should be the ones who could carry out this work. .

They have transferred it in a statement this Tuesday after a meeting with the chief of the Galician Police and the general secretary of the Superior Headquarters of the Galician Police, after a massive distribution of masks began this Monday, coinciding with the End of the fortnight in which the confinement conditions were tightened, during which the recoverable paid leave for workers in non-essential activities was maintained.

“It seems to us that this type of services are not characteristic of the National Police, since they are not included in the regulations of LO 2/1986, nor in the regulations of Civil Protection and National Strategy of Civil Protection, so” it does not seem appropriate that the National Police is dedicated to an improper function, and there are other personnel who could carry it out, “the Joint Unified Police Union (SUP), the Spanish Police Confederation (CEP), the Federal Police Union ( UFP) and the Professional Police Union (SPP).

As for the clarifications for the taking of images during the distribution, they have been told that “instructions were given for it, since it has been considered that these services stage and make visible the involvement of the National Police in the fight against covid- 19 “and is part of” a communication strategy on the public vision “of the National Police Force, as the unions have explained.

On the other hand, in the same statement, they report that a total of 14 police officers have tested positive for coronavirus in the current health crisis, 8.9 percent, of which four are already recovered. The workers’ representatives have demanded that all officials be tested, starting with the most exposed and who are in direct contact with citizens.


According to the joint communiqué of these police unions, the police management has promised to contact other headquarters in other communities where they have been held and with Sergas “to see the viability” of this action.

Currently, according to union data, there are no admitted to hospital centers and a total of 44 have availed themselves of the adaptation measures of the job, while there is no record so far of any request for change of affiliation.

These police unions have also asked if the military of the Military Emergency Unit can be in charge of disinfecting premises and vehicles of the CNP, regarding which it has been indicated that the Brilat and the Infantry of Maria and the UME are taking care of outdoor spaces and commons, residences and communication hubs, although they have also participated in work in a police station exterior.


One of the concerns of union representatives is the “need for adequate material”, as well as the renewal, especially of masks, for personnel performing services for the public. In this regard, they have been informed that another trip to Madrid is being prepared to collect material.

They have also claimed to have digital thermometers, about which they have replied that they will continue trying to acquire it. With respect to the authorization of facial screens, the response received is that the problem lies in the fact that “they are not approved by the General Logistics Department” and, therefore, “their security reliability and level of protection are unknown” .

Another of the commitments acquired at the meeting is to improve the conditions of communications, to improve the telework system and also the telematic presentation of the detainees before the guard court.

At the meeting, unions have been told that materials for disinfecting premises and vehicles have been distributed. Depending on whether they are received, they will be redistributed again, and ozonator equipment or similar disinfection means were requested from all the police stations in Galicia.

The meeting has also served to propose that the current process of ordinary processing of the proposals of the decorations of the Order of Police Merit be paralyzed, in relation to which it has been indicated that several union organizations have already carried it out at the central level.


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