Four people arrested for kidnapping a man who demanded 50,000 euros

Four people arrested for kidnapping a man who demanded 50,000 euros

Four people have been detained by the Civil Guard for kidnapping a man in a house in Colmenar (Málaga) who they tied and placed a bag on his head to demand the payment of 50,000 euros in exchange for his release.

The events took place when a stranger contacted the victim, who is professionally engaged in real estate management, to see a house with the intention of renting it, as reported by the institute armed in a statement.

Later, the man was kidnapped and taken to an isolated country house in the Colmenar term where a third person, who claimed to be a hitman and the leader of the organization, tied the man to a chair and placed a bag on his head.

In exchange for his release, this third person demanded the payment of a supposed debt of 50,000 euros that the victim did not recognize, so the kidnappers took their bank cards and access codes and obtained different amounts of money from different banks of Malaga capital.

After hours of captivity, the man was released to the outskirts of Colmenar and had to return by his own means to his home.

The investigation, framed within the operation "Kitchens 2018", has lasted more than two months and has resulted in the arrest of four individuals as alleged perpetrators of the crimes of kidnapping, robbery, extortion, threats, requisition and belonging to a criminal organization.

Among those arrested is JC.Y.C., 51, a resident of Casabermeja (Málaga), and supposed ringleader of the organization, who was hiding in a country house.

As reported by the Civil Guard, is a violent person who has spent more than 23 years in prison and on which there were six police and judicial "search and capture".

After his arrest, the agents were able to identify and also detain JI.I.C., 28, a resident of Malaga and the person summoned the victim and rented the house where she was abducted; S.Y.M., 36 years old and neighbor of Casabermeja (Málaga) and A.E.R., 33 years old and neighbor of Málaga.

In the course of the investigation, the extortion towards the victim to obtain the payment of the agreed thing continued with all type of threats, as much to him as to his family, which forced him to remain shut in his house until the resolution of the case.



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