Four newborns die in eight days in a hospital in Italy

Four newborns die in eight days in a hospital in Italy

Four neonates have died in the past eight days in the Hospital of Brescia, in northern Italy, facts that are already being investigated by the authorities.

Is about four babies who were born on different days and who were admitted to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of the Brescia Hospital.

Until yesterday the Italian Ministry of Health confirmed the death of three babies, but today it has been known that a quarter died on Saturday.

"It is necessary to clarify if there is a relationship between the cases, which is why we sent the inspectors of the ministry to go to the bottom of the matter," Italian Health Minister Giulia Grillo said in a statement.

In the "next days a ministerial inspection will be carried out", ad.

The carabineros specialized in health issues appeared today in the hospital to collect the clinical histories of the four dead, a documentation that they have already made available to the Prosecutor's Office of Brescia, which has opened a investigation for involuntary manslaughter, although there is still no one imputed.

Further, is waiting for the autopsies, which should clarify the circumstances of the death of newborns.

The Neonatology Unit of this hospital was closed last summer by a infection that caused the death of a baby by the bacterium serratia marcescens.

The health center has denied that on this occasion "the facts are due to an infectious epidemic outbreak".

"These deaths occurred within a week, but the clinical pictures refer to different diseases and do not seem to be correlated," the hospital said in a statement.

He acknowledged that the facts "deserve clarity" and showed "full cooperation" with the authorities investigating the case.



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