Wed. Sep 18th, 2019

Four minors spend more than 600 euros in trying to sign Messi in FIFA 19

And, after the investment, they did not get it. His joy in a well. Four children from Hampshire, England, assaulted their parents' bank account to spend more than 550 pounds (about 600 euros) on player packs of the FIFA 19 for the Nintendo Switch. The objective was not other than to try to sign the Argentine star Leo Messi.

Thomas Carter, the parent of the children, told the BBC that he had spent 8 pounds on envelopes for his children, but they considered that it was little. Taking advantage of the data on the card, the young players decided to increase the bid to over 600 euros. Despite everything, they failed to sign Messi and they won an indefinite punishment.

The parents have claimed the money from Nintendo, who has agreed to return it to them in exchange for the player packs obtained in the transaction.

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