Four matches of sanction for three players of the fight after Valencia-Getafe | sports

Four matches of sanction for three players of the fight after Valencia-Getafe | sports

The tangana that fouled the end of the second leg of the quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey between Valencia and Getafe has already been judged. Carmen Pérez, the sole judge of Competition of the Royal Spanish Football Federation, ruled on Thursday that Valencia player Mouctar Diakhaby and Bruno González, Getafe player, are punished each with four matches for aggression, minimum penalty for a foul that can reach up to 12 suspension matches. Both players have been penalized for grabbing their necks and hitting each other during the fight. In addition to the four sanction matches, both players will have to pay a fine of 3,005 euros and both Valencia and Getafe, another of 1,400 euros.

Getafe footballers Damián Suárez, Mata and Djené have also been penalized. The Uruguayan side that, according to the act, elbowed the doctor of Valencia entering the tunnel of costumes and a blow to the face of the communication director of Valencia, Alex Navarro, and within the tunnel, will serve two games for that reason and two others for underestimating an assistant of the referee Estrada Fernández calling him "cagón". Damián has also been sanctioned economically with two fines of 600 euros.

Another two games of punishment have fallen to Jaime Mata, who incurred another disregard for an assistant referee by repeating in the locker room area "embarrassment of arbitration." The penalties for Geta are closed with a game of suspension for Djené due to his expulsion by double yellow.

Competition also ruled that Ismael Fernandez, physical trainer of Valencia, is punished with a match for heading to the bench after winning a goal "in a provocative and disrespectful way and tell them take, joderos repeatedly."

The Valencia that yesterday sent several videos to the committee so that the sanction to Diakhaby was minimal has taken the decision not to present allegations to this ruling nor presented them on Wednesday to the minutes. The Getafe, however, decided to present yesterday five videos corresponding to the end of the game, with images of television and social networks, to challenge the minutes of the meeting. Now you have ten days to present them before the Appeal.

The sanctions of Diakhaby and Bruno, considered as serious, are met consecutively in the competition that they dispute immediately after knowing the sanction, while those of Damián, Mata and Djené have to be fulfilled in the same competition. Therefore, Diakhaby will miss the first leg of the Cup semifinals and three of the league while Bruno will not be able to perform in the next four league games.

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