July 5, 2020

Four innovations that will surprise us at CES 2020 | Innovation

Control objects with the mind, drive without touching the steering wheel, open a lock just by knocking on the door. What seems like the technology of the distant future has taken the form of functional prototypes struggling to make a dent in the present. There is barely a month left for CES, the largest consumer electronics fair, to take place every year in Las Vegas for more than half a century.

The event will take place from January 7 to 10 and will bring together, as is tradition, the leading user-centered technology companies. Recent trends suggest that this new edition will have a strong focus on sectors such as health and mobility and will try to exploit the potential of data analytics, 5G networks and autonomous driving. Magazine Forbes has advanced some of the most interesting devices that we will find at CES 2020.

NextMind is a startup that part of scientific research to develop brain-computer interfaces through the non-invasive combination of brain detection technology with machine learning algorithms. This device is placed on the head and picks up signals as they cross the user's visual cortex to translate them into digital commands in real time thanks to machine learning technology.

The CES is expected to be one of the first spaces where public demonstrations of NextMind technology are conducted, which allows you to control a portable device through the mind. The event could be for this company the ideal showcase to announce the kits of development that they plan to launch at the beginning of the year.

The RoboSense company will present a laser sensor designed for autonomous vehicles to detect and avoid the obstacles and dangers that stand in your way. Your solution could help reduce production costs compared to other solutions in the market. The Blickfield company will also take advantage of the event to showcase their designs, focused on smart vehicles better understanding the environment in which they move and improving their performance.

RoboSense sensor.

For its part, Continental, one of the main world leaders in the production of tires, will bring its transparent bell technology to CES, which offers drivers the chance to see the road in front and under their seat. Four cameras collect the information and various image processing algorithms display it on a screen so that drivers can ignore the front of the vehicle and reduce accidents that occur while they are parking.

With regard to security, the startup PassiveBolt will show a touch sensitive smart lock. For this, it does not resort to fingerprint systems; He prefers to do it using electronic technology. When the key – whether physical or stored in a mobile application – is within range of the lock sensor, it is unlocked with a simple touch.

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