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Four films shot in Gran Canaria come to theaters - La Provincia

Four films shot in Gran Canaria come to theaters - La Provincia

The month of March is the chosen month for the premiere of four of the six feature films that last year they filmed part of their scenes in Gran Canaria, as reported by the counselor Economic Development of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, Raúl García Brink.

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The movie '4 cans', directed by Gerardo Olivares and starring Jean Reno, Hovik Keuchkerian, Enrique San Francisco and Francesc Garrido, was released at the beginning of the month, almost a year after having shot a good part of the plot in Santa Brigida, Maspalomas, The Gran Canarian palms and Arucas.

The film, which tells the friendship story of its four protagonists through a trip full of adventures in a car '4 cans' is considered the most personal film of its director, who has declared that most of the anecdotes of the film are their own.

Notably Jean Reno, who did not know Gran Canaria, said he was pleasantly surprised by the Island, its landscapes, its gastronomy and its climate. The filming of '4 cans' coincided with the filming of the series 'The room', in which another of the protagonists of the film, Francesc Garrido, also had a role of relevance.

Two other feature films, 'What do you play?' Y 'Taxi to Gibraltar', were premiered last weekend in the Malaga Film Festival and both had the Gran Canaria capital as the main stage. In 'Taxi a Gibraltar', directed by Alejo Flah, the characters played by Dani Rovira, Joaquin Furriel and Ingrid García-Jonsson embark on a delirious journey in search of a supposed treasure hidden in the secret tunnels of the Rock of Gibraltar.

For the actress, it was not her first shooting experience in Gran Canaria either, since at the end of 2015 she co-starred with Juana Acosta the movie 'Cliff', by Helena Taberna, shot mostly on the island and released the following spring.

'What do you play?' is the title of the Inés de León's debut feature, whose connection to the Island is not only professional, but above all personal, since her grandmother was from Gran Canaria and for that reason she spent much of her childhood on the Island.

Leticia Dolera, Amaia Salamanca and Javier Rey star in this comedy in which a monologue turns upside down the lives of two attractive and millionaire successful entrepreneurs.

'The strategy of the Pekingese', of the canary Elio Quiroga, will be released in International Film Festival of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, to be held this weekend. Based on the homonymous novel of Alexis Ravelo and starring Unax Ugalde and Jorge Bosch, the film tells the story of 'El Rubio', who despite having stopped committing crimes decades ago, considers participating in a robbery to a narco to pay for the serious illness of his wife.

Although some of the scenes were shot in Argentina, the bulk of the shooting took place in the Beach of Las Canteras, the Puerto de la Luz, the historic center of Vegueta and the peninsula of La Isleta in the Gran Canaria capital, but also in tourist enclaves such as Puerto de Mogán, Roque Nublo or Parador de Tejeda.

These four premieres are an example of "the quality of the locations and services" that the producers find in Gran Canaria and of the bet made by the insular institution for the cinema made in Gran Canaria, which will materialize as well, concluded the counselor, with the construction of the Audiovisual Production Center that will begin that will respond to a greater number of producers.


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