April 11, 2021

Four feature films and eleven shorts compete for the Richard Leacock Awards of the 19th Film Festival – La Provincia

Four feature films and eleven shorts compete for the Richard Leacock Awards of the 19th Film Festival - La Provincia

Four feature films and eleven short films will be played Richard Leacock Awards of the nineteenth edition of the International Film Festival of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, which is celebrated between March 22 and March 31. This has been decided by the Selection Committee after having assessed the 40 works registered in Canary Cinema, section dedicated to cinema related to the Archipelago, either by authorship, thematic or location.

Canary CinemaIn addition, it will exhibit outside the contest the work of Jonay García The other Beds / The Beds of Others (2018, 15 min.) And as a special session The golden road, of Ramón Saldías (1979, 110 min.), On the 40th anniversary of the premiere of this work, which was the first Canarian production that had international distribution.

According to the organization of the film competition, for the third consecutive year, the Canarian competition will take place during the first weekend of the Festival, reserving a prominent place in the programming grid for the four feature films and the two short film blocks. Again, this will be the first list of awards issued by the Festival, once the failure of the three professionals of the sector who make up the jury of the section is collected.

From the final selection, the selection committee highlights the evolution of filmmakers who have been linked to the Gran Canarian festival for years. Thus, they point out that some of the works have already been present in important international festivals such as the IDFA wave Berlinale. These are works by tanned filmmakers, whose first works were part of the Canarian section of the Festival and now direct and produce films that are measured with other international works in the festival circuit. As a curiosity, this same committee points out that while feature films are all documentaries except a fiction film, in the case of shorts it is the opposite: of the 12, only one work is documentary.

Between the largometrajes that will choose to the prize Richard Leacock they find each other In search of Oscar / Searching for Oscar, of Octavio Guerra (2018, 72 min); The hidden city (The Hidden City) of Víctor Moreno (2018, 80 min.); miracles, of David Baute (2018, 77 min.); Y Plato, of Iván López (2018, 121 min.).

On the other hand, the short films present in the competitive section are 300 All Expenses Included, of Pablo Fajardo (2019, 14 min.); Hug / Hug, of Shelma Zebensuí (2018, 14 min.); The Blessed Dream / The Blessed's Dream, of David Pantaleón (2018, 4 min.); In those Lands / In Those Lands, of Nayra Sanz Fuentes (2018, 12 min.); Hitchcock Schamann, of Jacobo Santiago Sánchez (2018, 4 min.); The Ferris Wheel, of Carlos Baena (2018, 12 min.); The vivid and the lived, of Sara Álvarez (2019, 6 min.); My Salsa Teacher / My Salsa Teacher, of Rafael Navarro Miñón (2019, 11 min.); Burning the Ships / Burning the Boats, of Macu Machín (2018, 12 min.); REM, of Tomas Alejo Wilhelm (2018, 4 min.); Shadow Theater / Shadow Theather, of Jose Manuel Vilageliu Ponsa (2018, 20 min.).


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