Four evenings in which the piano is king

Four evenings in which the piano is king

The pianist Natalia Falcón Bonilla offered a preview of her concert at the festival's presentation, held this Tuesday morning. / C7

Dena Derose, Natalia Falcón, Marta Sánchez, María Dolores Gaitán and Elisabeth Raspall star in the 6th festival 'El mundo en un piano'

The piano will reign during the four evenings that, always starting at 8:00 p.m., will be hosted by the Alfredo Kraus Auditorium,
between December 1 and 4. This instrument imposes itself on styles, fashions and labels during the development of the 6th installment of the International Festival
The world on a pianoorganized jointly by La Isleta Factory and the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Auditorium and Theater Foundation.

The piano will come to life and take center stage alone, along with other instruments and in different genres by the pianists
Natalia Falcón, Dena Derose, Marta Sánchez, María Dolores Gaitán and Elisabeth Raspall.

"all festival
stars female pianists, who have incredible talent and sensitivity. For us it is a pride to support them", points out the also pianist and director of La Isleta Factory and of this international festival, the Gran Canaria
Jose Alberto Medina.

The American pianist
Desa Derose heads the poster of this new installment. In the Sala Jerónimo Saavedra he will play first on December 3, in
trio format along with Daryll Hall, on bass, and Christian Salfellner, on drums.

Derose will play piano and sing in an evening heavily focused on his latest record,
'Ode To The Road'released on HighNote Records, but will also review some of the most significant songs from his previous 14 albums.

The North American repeats the next day, alone. It will put the finishing touch to the festival that
Sunday, December 4which starts, also in the Chamber Hall of the Alfredo Kraus Auditorium, the concert of
Maria Dolores Gaitan, which will be accompanied by
dancer Marta Galvez.

Gaitan will present
'Images of Spain through dance' with iconic pieces by composers such as Granados, Falla, Turina and Albéniz that take on a very particular flight with her on the piano together with the Spanish dancer Marta Gálvez.

The opening of the Festival, on December 1, is also double. the grancanaria
Natalia Falcon stars in a first concert
with the trio that makes up together with the violinist Néstor Henríquez and the cellist Juan Pablo Alemán.

«I am very happy to be at this festival, which also makes visible the work of women in music. It is a sum of women and different styles, including the most innovative.
My concert has two parts», advances the artist herself about an evening in which in trio format they will play pieces by Russian composers
Glinka and Shostakovich. He will culminate his solo performance giving life to songs by the Argentine creator
Astor Piazzolla.

José Alberto Medina, Natalia Falcón and Tilman Kuttenkeuler, at the festival presentation. /


That night concludes with the
concert by Marta Sánchez, "a pianist who is on the rise", according to José Alberto Medina, and who
comes from New Yorkwhere he currently resides, to tackle a clearly jazzy evening.

The Jerónimo Saavedra Hall of the Auditorium hosts on Friday, December 2, the concert entitled
'Jewelry', which stars the pianist
María Dolores Gaitán together with Abdelaziz, playing the Kanun, and the dancer Marta Gálvez. "Arabic and Andalusian" music will predominate during the concert, Medina emphasizes.

Then the pianist
Elizabeth Raspall presents the concert titled
'Jazztañuelas', jtogether with the bailaora Belén Cabanes who will play the castanets.

One of the attractions of this event is the eclectic nature of its programming. «It is not easy to mix styles in the same festival.
We are committed to a new audience, an audience that likes the piano, beyond the styles. The piano is king, the public comes to listen to it, regardless of the musical style in which it is played”, highlights the director of El Mundo en un piano.

public and tickets

Tilman Kuttenkeulergeneral director of the Auditorium and Theater Foundation of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, recognizes that in this festival a regular public of classical music concerts coexists with another more jazzy and contemporary one.

For the participating artists, the Festival is an opportunity, recognizes Natalia Falcón, to "meet other performers and musicians." “I am delighted to be able to learn from them”, emphasizes the pianist from the island, a doctor from the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

the tickets They are already on sale in the usual channels of the Fundación Auditorio Teatro. For each day they cost 16 euros. are marketed a
pack for three nights and another four that lowers prices.