Four dogs trapped by the lava of La Palma will be rescued with drones

Ponds with dogs trapped by lava in the El Paraíso neighborhood of El Paso.

Ponds with dogs trapped by lava in the El Paraíso neighborhood of El Paso.

The Aerocamaras company prepares "against the clock" a proposal to rescue four dogs who are trapped in the environment of a home of La Palma, in the neighborhood of El Paraíso, in El Paso, as a result of the lava flows from the Cumbre Vieja volcano.

According to your proposal, you are waiting to receive the relevant services, they would use a cargo drone that it would transport its own logistics system adapted to the characteristics of the animals.

Along with another support drone, the pilot in charge of the operation could thus plan the rescue flight safely.

The use of helicopters is unfeasible due to the materials (ash, pyroclasts) released by the volcano and access by land is also difficult due to the surrounding ash and lava.

For this reason, drones are the only viable way for a possible rescue of hounds, whose monitoring is carried out by members of the UPA La Palma protector.

The company has stressed that it always acts within the air legality, respecting what is indicated by the competent authorities and "any decision they may take to avoid unnecessary risks as well as always putting everyone's safety first."

Two palm companies, Volcanic Life and Ticom Soluciones SL, llThey spend several days feeding the animals using drones and with the endorsement of the Cabildo de La Palma.

The animal platform points out that two of the hounds can leave and enter the pond, which allows them to shelter from the heat and cold, but the other two, in a smaller pond, are in the sun and without the possibility of shelter .

Thus, the Aanipal association has proposed the sending of a small booth for its protection, since during the day they are exposed to the sun and at night they have nowhere to shelter from the cold.


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