Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

Four decades of 'El crimen de Cuenca' | Culture

Four decades of 'El crimen de Cuenca' | Culture

Almost four decades after filming, the filmmaker and writer Víctor Matellano returns to the world of The crime of Cuenca, so much to the real case, called the Grimaldos case, like to the film of Pilar Miró, that was, before its premiere, militarily kidnapped and the same Miró processed. In the documentary The Cepa returns, which will be premiered during the Malaga festival, appear friends of the filmmaker and part of the technical and artistic team: Gonzalo Miró, Guillermo Montesinos, Héctor Alterio, Assumpta Serna, Mercedes Sampietro, José Manuel Cervino, Francisco Casares, the scriptwriters Lola Salvador and Juan Antonio Porto, the head of production Sol Carnicero or the director of photography Hans Burmann. In addition, Matellano returns to the town of Belmonte, and its surroundings, where the film was filmed, and talks to the neighbors who participated in the filming. From all that arises The Cepa returns, of which we released his trailer.

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