April 20, 2021

Four cities compete to host the next galas of the Goya | Culture

Four cities compete to host the next galas of the Goya | Culture

The Goya do not seem to have nostalgia for home. For the second time in 33 editions, the Spanish cinema gala left Madrid, to Sevilla. The trip to Barcelona, ​​in 2000, was the other exception. But with respect to that isolated episode, something has changed: the hundreds of Sevillian fans, against the solitude of galas in Madrid; actors and directors, delighted with the "end of year excursion"; and, above all, the economic advantages. The Film Academy does not look back with regret, but forward. And the Goya are considering starting a long tour that takes them each year wherever they want in Spain. Valencia, Palma de Mallorca, Malaga and Seville itself are already working to host the following ceremonies. And Mariano Barroso, president of the Academy, is more than willing to negotiate with them.

In fact, already for the edition of this year there were several interested destinations. "We reached an agreement with Sevilla because it met three fundamental requirements: direct communication with Madrid, headquarters of the industry; an adequate space for a gala so complex and that has to house 3,000 people -there are few places like this in Spain, and adapt a sports center makes the event more expensive-, and a welcoming attitude of local institutions, "Barroso says. More than money, it refers to the cession of public spaces for projections and promotion of prizes. "Seville has turned, and also very active local sponsors added", summarizes.

The City Council of the Andalusian capital exudes satisfaction for the "brutal campaign" that the Goyas have assumed. "It has been the biggest event that the Palace of Congresses and Exhibitions has had for its capture of events. So much that they will save the campaign of publicity for this year ", advance municipal sources on the advertising impact in means, encrypted in 100 million euros. Although Antonio Muñoz, Sevillian councilor of Urban Habitat, Culture and Tourism, is cautious about the future: "We'll see. The Academy has to do the digestion. They have been satisfied and will make the decision when appropriate. " The Consistory wants to repeat or, at least, sign a commitment so that bigheads return in 2021. "The objective is to give continuity, even if every two years", add these sources. The City Council refuses to give the figure of his financial contribution to the last gala, under the pretext that it would harm his candidacy with respect to other cities, which could throw a checkbook to increase the flights and hotels of academics.

On the red carpet, the Andalusian president, Juan Manuel Moreno, said he would love the region to host the Goya every year. And Málaga picked up the glove. "The City Council is already working on the possibility of hosting the next edition of the Goya. We study locations and value costs ", advances the Councilor for Culture, Education, Sport and Youth, Gemma del Corral.

Palma already presented a year and a half ago to host the gala, and these days the Mallorca Film Commission rewrites the same "agreement pool " with the City Council, the Regional Government, the Island Council and hotel and air companies. "We would assume the amount that he remembered. We have 1,800 seats and transport logistics and unbeatable accommodations, "says Pedro Barbadillo, director of the Mallorca Film Commission.

Valencia also wants to explain its reasons. Sandra Gómez, the first deputy mayor, relates that the local Film Office is going to postulate the city as its headquarters: "The gala would be an exceptional showcase to reinforce Valencia within the sector and turn it into a cinema destination. We must decentralize culture. "


There is another city that can be added to the list. José Javier Lacunza Arraiza, managing director of NICDO (body responsible for the development of culture, sports and leisure in Navarra), participated in a meeting in 2017 with the Academy where the possibility of celebrating the Goya in Pamplona was discussed. But he prudently preaches: "As an organization we bring together under the same umbrella the management of culture, infrastructures, hotels, transport and the Film Commission of Navarre, so that would make things much easier. But for now there has not been any concrete step. " Lacunza explains that in recent months NICDO has not had conversations with the Academy, so it seems to be an exaggeration to include Pamplona in a "bid for the Goya" of 2020.

The decision will be taken by the Academy's board of directors; the next meeting will be on 19. "We will begin to study proposals, but it will not be decided then", confirms Barroso. Is it more profitable to celebrate the Goya in another city? "The problem in Madrid is that you are a nuisance. As with a shoot: filming in the capital expensive productions. You go to Seville and cheaper costs. It's all help outside. " And it ends: "There are no mysteries. It's easier outside than in Madrid because you find local sponsors; why the people went to Seville happy -To the academics did not cost them the trip-; the City Council has overturned … " Although it exonerates Manuela Carmena's corporation: "You can not cut streets. We get along and we are going to announce a joint project soon. "


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