Four arrested in Segovia for sexually exploiting women they brought deceived from South America | Society

Four arrested in Segovia for sexually exploiting women they brought deceived from South America | Society

The National Police has stopped in the province of Segovia four people who sexually exploited women from Venezuela and Colombia. In the same operation, the agents have freed three of the victims, according to police sources.

The deceived women had to pay the network an amount that was around 3,500 euros and they were threatened with transferring the debt to their relatives if they refused to prostitute themselves. The investigation has led to the arrest of four people, including the main leader of the network and his sentimental partner, as well as the owner and manager of one of the clubs where the women were prostituted.

The investigation began after the complaint of one of the women. According to her testimony, at the end of last year she was captured in Colombia by a friend of his, who told him about the existence of a woman who facilitated the arrival of Colombian and Venezuelan women in Spain. He had to first contact another woman who acted as liaison and who resided in Bogotá. That contact told him that he would travel to Spain to earn more money than in Colombia, and gave him details of the conditions of the trip. The victim accepted and in mid-2018 arrived in Spain by air.

Once in Madrid, the woman who acted as liaison explained that she had to pay 3,500 euros as debt, money that she would pay in installments and that she would obtain from the exercise of prostitution in a hostess club in the province of Segovia. There the victim remained for two weeks, in the company of another woman who had also arrived brought by the same criminal group. Both were faced with the leader of the network to understand that the conditions agreed before his trip had not been met.

Another of the victims has told the agents who traveled to Spain to work as a hairdresser. Once at her destination, however, she was told that she would be a prostitute and that she would pay a debt of 2,500 euros, higher than the 1,000 euros that, according to the woman, she had asked for before embarking on her trip.

The freed women claim to have suffered frequent threats when they warned their captors that they would not pay the debt. The woman who acted as a liaison in Colombia informed them that if they did not continue paying, she would know how to collect it, and threatened to pay off the debt with relatives of the victim living in Venezuela.

After the threat, the network moved two women to another club and there they stayed for five days, until one of them decided to leave and report the situation.

Two records made in a private home and in a club in the province of Segovia have led to intervention 2,775 euros in cash, various documentation related to the victims, accounting for the payment of debts, and mobile and computer equipment.


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