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Four analgesics among the 10 best-selling drugs of 2018 | Society

Four analgesics among the 10 best-selling drugs of 2018 | Society

Nolotil, Enantyum, Paracetamol Kern and Paracetamol Cinfa are the four analgesics that have been cast in the list of the 10 best-selling drugs in 2018, according to data from a study published this Thursday by the Spanish Federation of Pharmacists (FEFE). The report also reflects that spending on medicines has grown by 2.38% in January with respect to the same month of the previous year, which represents an annual increase of 275.5 million euros.

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The most sold product in pharmacies in 2018 per unit was the non-opioid analgesic Nolotil, although the one that registered the highest sales value was Clexane, a heparin that acts as an anticoagulant. Within the first products in units there are four analgesics, an anti-inflammatory, a platelet antiaggregant, a thyroid hormone, an anticoagulant, an antiasthmatic and an anxiolytic.

Among those that have generated most value from its sale are four anticoagulants, a product used for urinary retention in benign adenoma of the prostate, a bronchodilator, a product used for postmenopausal osteoporosis, a product for schizophrenia and the vaccine for meningococcal B , that the previous year occupied the first position.

More employment in the sector

The number of contracted pharmacists working in pharmacies ranges from 1.89 in the Basque Country to 0.51 in Extremadura. "This difference, more than three times, is mainly due to the population served and, also, to the way in which the presence of the pharmacist is addressed," the report details.

The FEFE ensures that the new prices of medicines, which came into force on January 1, have had "very little influence" on the evolution of average spending per prescription, which has risen by 1.36%. "Overall, pharmacy spending remains very contained, and has already been exceeded by the cost of medicines in hospitals," the document explains.

The 10 best-selling drugs in 2018

1. Nolotil (17.8 million units)

2. Enantyum (13.6 million units)

3. Adiro (13.1 million units)

4. Kern paracetamol (12.8 million units)

5. Eutirox (8.6 million units)

6. Paracetamol CINFA (7.9 million units)

7. Ventolin (7.6 million units)

8. Sintrom (7.4 million units)

9. Kern Ibuprofen (7 million units)

10. Orfidal (6.6 million units)


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