Found "many traces of blood" in the house of the murderer of Huelva | Society

Found "many traces of blood" in the house of the murderer of Huelva | Society

The confession of Bernardo Montoya, the murderer of the young teacher Laura Luelmo, does not quite fit with the multitude of signs and evidence found by the Civil Guard investigators in his house and in the place where the body of the woman was found last Monday, an embankment of bushes and rock roses of the place of Las Mimbreras, in the municipality of El Campillo (Huelva).

The man, 50 years old, and fresh out of jail, where he has spent almost half of his life, He has testified in front of his lawyer that killed the girl but could not rape her, despite trying. "She asked me about a supermarket and I sent her to a dead end. I got in the car and arrived before her. I grabbed her and hit her head against the car door. I tied her hands behind her back and wrapped her in a blanket. I undressed her from the waist down and tried to rape her, but even though I was unconscious, I did not get it, "his confession, which has leaked almost intact, summarizes research sources, which has generated enormous distrust among the many agents involved in the case. , both of the judicial police of the Civil Guard of Huelva and of the Central Operational Unit (UCO), Come from Madrid expressly to shed light on this thorny issue.

However, Montoya's statement does not fit with the "abundant remains of blood" found in his house, just in front of the house that a few days ago Laura Luelmo had rented. Two buildings on the ground floor, almost door to door, from where the murderer was able to observe his victim to disturb her, as the young woman told her boyfriend by phone ("I do not like how she looks at me"), before she lost her Trace last Wednesday December 12 when he left home in the afternoon.

In one of the two rooms of the small house where Bernardo Montoya, 50, had settled after leaving prison last October – his last sentence was two years and ten months for robbery with violence – have been found innumerable biological remains that are already being analyzed by the experts of the Civil Guard in the Huelva barracks.


The last known result of the autopsy, which has ended up denying it, does not fit with the assassin's version, confirming that "yes there was a sexual assault", without further data from the forensic report having been released so far, apart from the fact that the cause of Death was a blow to the head.

The investigators believe that, with his first statement, Bernardo Montoya may want to avoid the accusation of sexual assault – apart from that of murder – to avoid a verifiable prison sentence.

The same sources are opted for, and "mobile signals seem to corroborate this", because everything happened in the vicinity of the home of Bernardo Montoya and Laura Luelmo. They consider it more "probable" that he would attack her there, in one of the less traveled streets of the town where he always had his black Alfa Romeo parked in the door, and that he put her in his house, "his place of security", after beating her or force it. That in there he committed his humiliations and, later, transferred the badly wounded body in the back of his vehicle, to the area of ​​Las Mimbreras. However, the car of the confessed murderer has not yet been inspected and many details remain to be crossed and fit.

Montoya has finished his statement to the officers saying: After throwing it in some bushes, "I put a hand on his shoulder and said, 'Rest in peace.'

The body of the young woman, who was 26 years old, was found face down, half naked and with visible signs of violence last Monday, day 17, on that embankment, just five kilometers from town, easy access from the N-435 road. , at kilometer 166. And the first results of the autopsy date the death between December 14 and 15, two or three days after Laura Luelmo disappeared. Investigators suspect that the girl may have been dying for days since her killer left her, although they insist that "there are still many times to adjust."

The arrested has been transferred from the headquarters of the Civil Guard of Huelva to his home in El Campillo, to perform a reconstruction of the facts. He has come to the house rebuked by the neighbors – "Murderer!", "We are all Laura" -, who have passed the police cordon. The detainee has not yet been transferred to the other area of ​​the crime, the place where he left the body of Laura Luelmo.

Montoya did not bother too much to hide the corpse, which was hidden by bushes and rock roses, the typical plants of that wooded area, plagued by eucalyptus. The body, according to those who attended his uprising, was almost visible from a busy path that borders the embankment; and the clothes (pants and panties) of the girl, found a few meters from the body, too. Predictably, the detainee will be taken there on Thursday to continue with the reconstruction of the facts, before being brought to justice.

Both the girl and her assailant had recently arrived in that Huelva town of some 2,000 inhabitants and lived opposite each other. The teacher had just settled in the house, rented by one of her colleagues from the Nerva Institute (eight kilometers away), where she began her first job as a drawing teacher.

Curiously, Montoya followed a pattern similar to that of The gum, the murderer of Diana Quer, whoShe was murdered on August 22, 2016 in Puebla del Caramiñal (A Coruña). The macabre coincidence occurs that both assassins had the same car model (of different colors) that they used to put and hide their respective victims and move them kilometers away. The body of Laura, turned into one of the main evidence of charge against the detainee, remains in the funeral home of Huelva, where the autopsy has been performed. Their relatives, sheltered by a group of psychologists, continue in Huelva waiting to be allowed to take the body of the young woman to her hometown, Zamora, to be buried.


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