February 28, 2021

Fotorrelato: Five documentaries to open your eyes and hide your data | Retina

Surely you have missed other documentaries on this list, such as the famous Citizenfour on the well-known leaks of Snowden, who even took the oscar to best documentary in 2014. And so many others related to the world of internet, technology or video games that are highly recommended. However, in this list we have tried to point more directly towards those documentaries that seek to raise awareness in some way about the use of our data.

But in case you have time this summer, here are some more:

Facebookistan (2015) The documentary examines through several examples how Facebook skips two basic principles of democracy: freedom of expression and the right to privacy.

When the network is not social | TV documents. 2018: Do we hate more than before? Are social networks becoming more aggressive? What responsibility and what can they do to stop it?

Inside Facebook: Secrets of a Social Network A reporter infiltrated with a hidden camera managed to work as a content moderator at the offices of CPL Resources in Dublin, a company that has been serving Facebook for years.

Catfish (2010) This documentary already has its years, but it is something that happens a lot today (only now they are bots instead of people). Tell the true story of a hoax suffered on Facebook through fake profiles.

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