Fort Lauderdale (Florida) Film Festival presents more than 150 films from 40 countries

Miami, Sep 21 (EFE) .- More than 150 films from 40 countries, including the Spanish “Chavalas”, will be presented this year at the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival (South Florida), which promises to be “the most diverse “of its 36-year history, the organization announced on Tuesday.

The Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival (FLIFF) will be held from November 4 to 21 partly in person in three theaters of the city located about 45 kilometers north of Miami and also digitally, according to Gregory von Hausch, its president. and executive director.

The inaugural party will take place on November 5 at a museum in Fort Lauderdale and will include a 3D presentation of two installments of the “Eternals” saga from Marvel Studios, starring Salma Hayek, Angelina Jolie, Gemma Chan, Richard Madden and Kit Harrington, among others.

From Spain will come “Chavalas”, by the director Carol Rodríguez Colás and with Vicky Luengo as the protagonist.

Other outstanding films to be screened at FLIFF are “France”, with Lea Seydoux, “Robuste”, with Gerard Depardieu and Deborah Lukumuena, and “Sixteen”, whose director, the British Hilary Shakespeare, and her sister Anna-Elizabeth Shakespeare, who wrote the script with her, they will be present at the presentation in Fort Lauderdale.

Also among the artists who have confirmed their presence are the actress María Gregorio, star of Vasileios Papatheocharis’s “The Odyssey”, and the director Iman Zawahry, who will present his first feature film, “Americanish”.

It is the first Muslim-American romantic comedy and Zawahry will be accompanied in Fort Lauderdale by its protagonist and co-writer, Aizzah Fatima, other cast members and producers.

One of the representative films of Latin American cinema in FLIFF is “The best families”, by the Peruvian Javier Fuentes-León, and another “Pacto de fuga”, by the Chilean David Albala.

The FILLF will present this year a selection of films of different genres and footage made in Broward, the county to which Fort Lauderdale belongs.


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