May 15, 2021

Formula 1 2021: Will there be an audience on the circuits in the new season?

Lewis Hamilton celebrates victory with crowded stands in 2019 race

Lewis Hamilton celebrates victory with crowded stands in 2019 race

The pandemic of coronavirus has turned the world upside down, and Formula 1 He was not going to escape this circumstance. Although this season 2021 will not be as unusual as the last one, in which the start of the competition was delayed until July due to confinement caused by the health crisis, nothing will prevent peculiar situations from occurring, such as the casualties of the pilots if they test positive in any of the covid-19 that the organization will continually repeat.

In 2020, the drivers lived through a hectic calendar of 17 races condensed in just six months and in which, once again, they reigned supreme. Lewis hamilton, who took the cat back to the water. Most importantly, he smashed some of the records that Michael Schumacher still held. The most important, equaled the seven world championships of ‘The Kaiser’.

If the virus allows it, this season will be a little more usual. The action begins on March 28 and the last grand prix is ​​held in Abu Dhabi December 12th. With the calendar closed, it only remains to know what happens for the Chinese Grand Prix, whose date is still to be determined, in the event that it is held. Quote in Spain it will be on August 16 at the Montmeló circuit.

Apart from this, the great unknown is if there will be an audience in the stands. Although it is reckless to venture what can happen in a situation as unstable worldwide as the current one, the truth is that the hopes derived from the mass vaccination campaign lead those responsible to think that the followers of Formula 1 will be able to see again the cars live and direct as the season progresses.

According to what those responsible for the ‘Great Circus’ have assured, the guidelines will be set by the health situation and also by the governments of each territory, which will bear the ultimate responsibility for what happens in the circuits. Therefore, It will not be known until just a few days before the celebration of each race what will happen in each country.

Due to the characteristics of the environment, very extensive and with the possibility of leaving a more than sufficient safety distance between fans, already in 2020, the great prizes of Portugal Y Russia they allowed the entrance of a limited number of spectators. The governments of UK or Bahrain They have already shown their willingness to follow suit in 2021.


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