July 31, 2021

Former soccer player Jos Manuel Colmenero, released after testifying in court – La Provincia

Former soccer player José Manuel Colmenero He was released this Tuesday morning after testifying before the head of the Court of Violence against Women of Gijón. Whoever was a Sporting player had been arrested in the early hours of Sunday accused of a crime of mistreatment after grabbing his partner by the neck in the Jardines de la Reina.

However, the Superior Court of Justice of Asturias reported on the morning of this Tuesday that, after going to court and testifying before the magistrate, Colmenero was released without any precautionary measure.

In the case, which will remain open for the practice of some more diligence, There is no complaint from his wife, nor part of injuries, There is no request for any precautionary measure on their part, nor are there any previous complaints between them and there are no judicial records of any kind, so it has been classified as unappreciated risk.


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