August 11, 2020

Former President Rafael Correa meets with Raúl Castro in Havana

The leader of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC, only legal), Raúl Castro, and the former president of Ecuador Rafael Correa spoke on Friday in Havana on issues of regional and international news.

Correa has been in private visit in Cuba for several days, although until this day his stay had not been confirmed by the state media of the island.

During the meeting, Castro and Correa also agreed that "the peoples will face with determination any imperialist challenge, in defense of their sovereignty," according to a note released by Cuban television.

He also said that Correa reiterated his solidarity with the people of the island, "at a time when the United States Government increases its actions against Cuba" with the strengthening of the economic embargo that applies to the Caribbean country.

The previous trip of the Ecuadorian politician to Cuba dates from April 2018 when he recorded in Havana the talk show "Conversing with Correa", on the public channel Russia Today.

The one who was president of Ecuador between January 2007 and May 2017 is involved in the so-called "Bribes 2012-2016" case, in an investigation by the Ecuadorian Prosecutor's Office regarding the alleged irregular financing by the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht of the party campaign Country Alliance, when it was in the hands of Correa, currently residing in Belgium.

Correa also has against him an arrest warrant for violation of precautionary measures in the case of attempted kidnapping in Colombia, in 2012, of opposition politician Fernando Balda.

To date, Correa, who has more than a dozen files open, has not been convicted by the Ecuadorian Justice and refuses to return to the country because he believes he is the victim of political persecution by his successor, Lenin Moreno, with the one who has been antagonized for two years.

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