March 9, 2021

Former President Alberto Fujimori says there is a political obsession against his family

Peruvian ex-president Alberto Fujimori (1990-2000) said Wednesday that there is a “political obsession” against his family and called on his followers to prove it at home and abroad, after his daughter Keiko Fujimori was again held in prison preventive for money laundering.

In a letter issued by Channel N, the ex-president said that “the time has come to give a different response.”

“It is time to act and make people understand in Peru and abroad that there is a persecution against Fujimori here,” said the former governor, who is serving a 25-year prison sentence for human rights abuses.

In this regard, he asked his followers to join together to “give a clear answer as who we are: a big family.”

The eldest daughter of the ex-president, Keiko Fujimori, was held today in the women’s prison of Chorrillos, in Lima, to carry out the order of preventive detention for 15 months issued yesterday by Judge Víctor Zúñiga.

The former presidential candidate is investigated for money laundering and other crimes following the contribution of one million dollars by the Brazilian company Odebrecht to her election campaigns in 2006 and 2011.

Last November, Keiko Fujimori had regained her freedom, after more than a year in pretrial detention, by a decision of the Constitutional Court, but prosecutor José Domingo Pérez again asked for jail for the leader of the Popular Force party because of the danger of escape and obstruction of justice that he argued before the judge.

Alberto Fujimori added, in his letter, that “what they have done with my daughter proves that there is a political obsession against the Fujimori family.”

“Politicians who have been government are accused of more serious events and are free, as it should be,” said the ex-president, referring to Ollanta Humala (2011-2016), prosecuted for the Lava Jato case, while Alejandro Toledo ( 2001-2006), is detained in the United States in expectation of his extradition.

“If she is in prison now it is because there are many interests that want to see her out of the race,” Fujimori said, taking into account the presidential elections next year.

“From here I give all the support to Keiko in these difficult hours,” said the former governor.

The chief prosecutor of the special team investigating the Lava Jato case in Peru, Rafael Vela, ratified on Wednesday that this preventive prison not only seeks to culminate in the investigation, but also reach an oral trial in the coming months.

“In these circumstances, a deadline has been requested not only to investigate it, but to judge it, to determine its guilt or innocence,” Vela remarked to the RPP Noticias radio station.

The prosecutor, who is in the Brazilian city of Curitiba, where he will interrogate representatives of the Odebrecht company, emphasized that the investigation of Fujimori “has progressed significantly” and was satisfied that the judge has ordered 15 months in prison, and not the 18 that Pérez requested.

“Fifteen months are enough to determine Mrs. Fujimori’s innocence or guilt,” he concluded.


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