Former Peruvian President Alan García will be questioned on the case of the Lima Metro

Former Peruvian President Alan García will be questioned on the case of the Lima Metro

Peruvian President Alan García will be questioned in the first half of this month by the prosecutor José Domingo Pérez following the investigation for alleged influence peddling in the award of Line 1 of the Lima Metro, his lawyer, Erasmo Reyna, said today. , to local media.

The lawyer explained to RPP News that the investigation against Garcia is about "presumed influence peddling for the granting of the work of the Lima Metro, basically referred to the issuance of emergency decree 032 and the legal framework that was given for this mega-operation" in his second Government (2006-2011).

The Peruvian president "has given the explanations of the case" and "it is likely that the questions are to go into greater detail of issues that should concern the Public Prosecutor," said Reyna.

The defense of the exmandatario added, in declarations to the newspaper Mail, that "we have asked the public prosecutor to realize other acts of investigation with a view to discarding the responsibility of Alan García".

The alleged bribes paid by the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht to obtain the award of the Lima Metro were part of the initial denunciations for the Lava Jato scandal in Peru and determined the preventive detention for former communications minister Jorge Cuba and several former García government officials.

The defense of the exmandatario clarified that in the case of the investigations on presumed contributions of Odebrecht to the electoral campaign of 2006, those investigations are still in "embryonic stage".

Odebrecht's ex-manager in Peru Jorge Barata told the prosecutor that he gave $ 200,000 to former APRA minister Luis Alva Castro for Garcia's campaign in 2006, in which he was elected for the second time.

Reyna ruled out that Prosecutor Perez, who supported the request for preventive detention against opposition leader Keiko Fujimori for money laundering, has sufficient elements to request a similar measure against García.

"He does not have any type of elements that could support, even forcibly, an order of this nature, in any way, we are absolutely calm about these investigations," said the lawyer of the leader of the Aprista party.

After entering Keiko Fujimori prison, García wrote on his Twitter account that "the President and his Prime Minister, after imprisoning Keiko Fujimori, demand that Congress expel the National Prosecutor, they have politicized justice. Coup? ", Which generated a wave of rejection in various political sectors.

Following that statement, the head of the Council of Ministers, César Villanueva, asked himself what Garcia fears, given that his name was also excluded from an investigation into the Lava Jato scandal prepared by a congressional commission dominated by Fujimori.

That situation led the legislator of the leftist New Mexico caucus Richard Arce to denounce that the Lava Jato commission was used to shield (protect) Keiko Fujimori and Alan García.

The final report of the Lava Jato commission, which had more than a year of work, will be voted on tomorrow by the full Congress.


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