August 3, 2021

Former Minister Escolano, new external advisor of EY

Former Minister Escolano, new external advisor of EY

María Jesús PérezMaría Jesús Pérez


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The former Minister of Economy, Román Escolano, after his briefest stage in the Government of Mariano Rajoy, which lasted only three months after the success of the motion of censorship of Pedro Sánchez, is the new signing of EY, where he will work as an external advisor.

Escolano, who will combine his new position with the classrooms of CUNEF, where he started teaching last September, he received today green light from the Conflict of Interest Office to join EY, as confirmed by legal sector sources.

Former Minister of Economy of the Executive of Rajoy, who replaced in the portfolio to Luis de Guindos after his departure to the vice-presidency of the European Central Bank (ECB) last March, is an economist and was before becoming vice president of the European Investment Bank (EIB) after holding the presidency of the Official Credit Institute (ICO) between 2012 and 2014. Previously he was an economic advisor in the Government of José María Aznar and director of institutional relations of the BBVA. He has also held positions on the boards of directors of companies such as Post, Feve and the ICEX.


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